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With the last days of Spring and the solstice now behind us, it's time to show the growth. ~60 days since the seedlings were popping and pinched, potted and repotted and repotted... Cooler overnight temps and plenty of overcast skies and rain over the two months, unfortunately, slowed growth after their second transplant. They couldn't fit in the greenhouse any longer due to their height.

I also allowed them to get a little rootbound attempting to provoke the plants into showing their sex. It worked and I was able to separate the males. This batch of Sunshine Girl seeds gave me a fantastic 75% female ratio!

Here they are with ~60 days left - time for the weekly feeding I think:




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Interesting method you have for getting a reading of sex.

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It's something new I tried based on the advice of a local grower. I was told that if they get a little rootbound that it stresses them into showing sex. While it seems to have worked, it has slowed early growth; however, they've increased in size by 25% since the OP!