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What's up fellow greenthumbs and weed nerds. I'm excited to share the first of the years harvest!

Although I'm not participating in the #5gallonchallenge, I grow all of my plants are outside in ~5 gallon pots.


This year's crop is shaping up well especially if the summer heat holds into mid September and my two largest plants get to finish.


But I'm really here to share the best part... She's ready for harvest!



Lovely thick and colourful buds. Sticky and sweet. I'm really excited to try this strain. It's called Sunshine Girl(at least that what I was told)


They make a great addition to every garden.


A little haircut and they're ready to hang.


Thanks for following. Check out my previous updates


Love the pink hairs! But I do think that it could go another month at least. If your not expecting rain, or frost, let those babys go

Love the feedback!

It's true. I only took about 1/4 of the plant today as there is still tons of strong growth. The close up photo is from almost 2 weeks ago

Oh ok, right on! Yeah it would be a shame to see you cut all those so early, wasn't sure. Great work, keep us posted!

Quite the garden you have going there! Nice buds

Thanks. I will have an update on that soon as well

It is so beautiful i want one seed :D

Thanks! I'd send some but I doubt they'd get there 😔

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