Final Daze

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Greetings weed peeps 🤓

Trying to squeeze every last second of sunshine into the girls has become a labour of love. Constantly on guard against mold, cold, moisture and rain.

My grow has become indoor/outdoor - they're now inside every night and live on my deck under a modest supplementary light on the blah days.

... But on days like today, they are under the glorious fall sun. Swelling sweetly as the leaves begin to turn.

I fuss over their angle and chase the shade with sticky green tridents in 5 gallon pots.

September is the start of the harvest and I have already been enjoying what I've worked for all summer. The first to finish
has been excellent and potentially my best grow yet.



Right on! May your medicine bring you much joy:)

I've thought about doing something like this with a hoophouse. Like what would happen if I grow something during the winter by stopping the flowering cycle each night. I'm talking about a veg cycle over 1 year. #stonerthoughts

I've thought the same but ultimately you're going to be limited by the size of the pots and the size of the house. Starting now might be a waste of effort. Let me know if you try it and how it goes!