Edibles not like they used to be

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Ok so back in the 90s, when we had swag or reggie and KB. When I would make brownies I would usually use the pine or snunky smelling midgrades around winter time. I would take a half ounce per batch, destem deseed them, cut the buds up but not grinding them and putting them in a skillet with butter and let it cook up for about 10 15 minutes. Then I would mix it with the brownie mix I was making while it was sauteeing. Then I would put it in butter weed and all and mix it in really really good by hand. THen cook. 1 brownie, that is all u needed. If it was some regular reggie that wasnt that good, u would need 2 brownies.

Now with this new weed it doesnt work at all that way. I dont understand why you have to decarb it now. What is different between the weed then and the weed now that it needs to be cooked before cooking before cooking instead of cooking before cooking lol. All u needed was 1 of my brownies and one every 3 or 4 days u were good. I wouldnt recommend 2 days in a row. Anywho I have tried eating edibles over the last few years and I MIGHT feel a mild body high but BARELY at all. End up needing to smoke becauise 3 4 hours later after taking 300mg of gummies and barely shit. My brother ate one and said after 3 hrs it all kicked in and put him to sleep, but he takes kratum (yuck) as well. So who knows. I have been explained what needs to be done now but I just dont understand what is different from the swag I used to get than the new stuff.

And for someone that smokes daily, all daily, including wax and carts, how many MG should I take for it to actually work? Almost feels like a waste of money. Ive taken a lot more before and NADA. But I bet if I found some reggie, GOOD LUCK , I could make some brownies that would be cheaper to make and way more effective. Im sure its the product as well but MG is MG but then again it depends on the strain the use Im sure. But I used to use REGGIE. Almost Shit weed but good. Im repeating myself. I just dont get it. What is chemically different in todays bud that u need to cook it before sauteeing it before cooking it?

Any recommendations on what I should get next time. This time I got something called Cali Gummies Original Caliplug. I saw some fake name brand locally but he wanted 35 bucks something I could get for 15. So no thank you, Even though it looks like fruit loop ropes

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Your tolerance is really high, or those edibles are weak af either way sounds like you can use a visit to CANJAM Cannabis Retreat @canjamretreat 😉...



Add more weed plus cook longer. I am making butter right now.. 10 sticks of unsalted butter and about a pound of cannabis.. simmer in double boiler about 6 hours.. I posted a pic of mine on my last post.. but one of my brownies will peel your face off..

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Some people have different methods. When you put the weed in the skillet with butter, you where decarbing. I myself use the crock pot method, and let the crock pot decarb it over time.

As far as the edibles you get at the store, chances are there are no where the Miligram that it says it is. SO much bs on the market. Heck sometimes an edible will be even more what it says. Then you have the edibles that are not even infused, but instead the THC oil is sprayed on it! Which is bunk.

SO best thing to do is to make your own, just how you did back in the day. If you are going to buy at the club, get from a reputable company, and stay away from the edibles that do not infuse.

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S0 I ended up eating the entire 500MG then I got something else from a friend and ate one and after about 3 hours from eating the first ones all it did was put me to sleep. That is another thing I dont remember happening but that might just be because Im getting old HEHEHE. Thanks for all the tips.

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