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Good morning y’all and happy Friday. 😁

Me and hubby have jumped into the wonderful world of growing your own cannabis. Since cannabis has so many medicinal benefits, we decided to grow our own. This has been a project that we started two months ago. We’re definitely learning as we go. But so far we are doing great. The plants are in the flowering stage and are a month and a half away from harvesting.


The current light schedule is 12 hours on 12 hours off. Right now the lights are on during the day.


We currently have four plants running, However next time I plan to do only two plants in 5 gallon pots. I just feel there will be more space in the tent. Also it’s been a challenge to keep the humidity controlled in the tent between 50 to 60%. It’s been very hot the last couple of days here in New Jersey with record-breaking weather of 100°. We have another month or so left in this grow. We are super excited to see what the turnout will be. I am also super ecstatic because I will be getting into edibles and tinctures!

Follow me @adeleflawless for more updates on my grow.


Nice looking grow... check out the #canna-curate tag

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Thank you. I will use that tag!

Welcome to Weedcash @adeleflawless, if you have any questions there are plenty of knowledgeable weed nerds around. Not that you need any plants are looking lush and happy. BTW 732 here from Jersey also

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Thank you for the welcome @canabisius. Yes Im open to All the advice I can get 😁. Woo woo jersey in the house… Im up in bergen county.

Nice grow, They are looking great forsure

Thanks im trying 😁😁

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Some good looking plants. Can't wait to see them progress further into flower.

Thanks.. and me too. Its still a long way to go.

Those look great! I used to have a dehumidifier like yours, but they only work good when it’s 80 degrees or higher. The bigger ones with the old school tech are true work horses. Plants look awesome!

Thank you! You know what? I feel like this dehumidifier isnt doing it.. the humidity is still high in the tent. Which one should I look for ? Any specific brand or model. I dont have much space in the tent left 😞

Those small ones use different technologie to dehumidify. The bigger ones that use a different method are the way to go. As far as brand, I don’t have any preference, but they do start off in the 20 pint size. here is some examples.

Good to know! Thanks