The beggining of my first crop! pt. 2

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Before I start here is a little music video I like:

I love roots reggae.

My jouney has been a transformative one, from recreational drug to sacred medicine, such has been my journey with Cannabis.

Aside from myself I've shared the medicine and how to use it to heal oneself and others. When I make some more medicine with Ganjah I'll be sure of sharing with you the recipe.

So the lesson right now is to grow my own Garden. Here is the space we are going to transform in a medicine and food orchard:

Patio pic 1Patio pic 2

And after a week here are the babies:

I'm a fast grower here!

#2 and #3
We are doing well too.

I might be a litte late but that's ok.

Of the 16 seeds I germinated, four sprouted the first week, one didn't pass the sprouting phase and one sprouted a little late #4.

I died, sorry XP

I'll be waiting until they have three pairs of true leaves to transplant them to individual pots before putting them into the ground, I'll be sharing my progresses weekly.

Thanks for reading!

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Están creciendo tan lindaslindaslindas. 💛

Hermano gracias por nombrarme en los separadores super agradecido!...epa y quiero ver esas matas bien crecidas a ver que tal

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