Did you Know Weedcash has DeFi and NFTs on EOS? You can upload your weedcash grow or product photos with a weedcash link as the immutable or mutable data on alcor.exchange/nft-market

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We also have a SWAP but we need liquidity to be added (eos and eos weed) to newdex's https://defibox.io but youll EARN a cut of the swaps like youre blocktrades haha thats what defi is, you just get a cut of the swaps, thats "yield farming"

Imagine if your Wells Fargo or Chace Bank account (OR CREDIT UNION) gave you a cut of every fee the bank made lol why not? Once you read that sentence youll feel like youve been scammed your whole life by your bank lol. They could have been paying us all a cut of the fees they make, for every dollar you deposit you should get a cut of the staking fees, hah imagien if Banks went back to the private Money they used to have.

Wanna know whats funny? All those old currency notes made by private banks in the 1800s? Theyre all still worth money just as collectibles

![image.png](UPLOAD FAILED)

But public sector Government money? No its death its boring its literally bad art .... but not the dollar, or euro or yen theyr eprivate and have teh right magic on them, and the federal reserve is PRIVATELY owned so yeah hah, should be what Ayn Rand wants right? LOL






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I actually don't have any eos. :o

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Here's a small tip 👍🏾 @tipu curate

Lets see if @neoxian tries to waste $3 to downvote my post out of hate for Africans and black people?

It's not a waste, you get free downvoting power these days. You don't even know how Hive works.