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RE: Using BTC to buy the strain I have always wanted to grow

I rarely buy seeds but I've also been thinking of getting a few of my favorite strains. G7 also called jetfuel is my favorite.

I agree with you that indicas are "better". Nothing beats the "hit over the head" feeling of 100% indicas Lol.

Autoflowers have come a long way and they are just as good as photos. However, photos are really easy to clone so, you don't need to keep buying GDP seeds. The clones from females are also females, which is nice. If you take a cutting [branch] and put it into a mason jar of water with tinfoil on the top with a hole, the cutting [branch] will just root in water! You can add cloning powder too for better results but plain old water works.


Nice. I had forgotten all about clones. Look like I may have myself an endless supply of GDP.

That's the spirit!
Cloning is really easy there's a few tricks you should know. Like keeping the clone roots covered. They grow in darkness and dont like blue light. So Use a cup or tinfoil or something to cover it. Some people like using rapid rooters. IF you have extra cash, def. get some cloning gel or powder. I think powder is better. You can also use an aloe vera plant because it has rooting hormones.

There is a hydroponic shop near me that has some gels and powders for cloning. I am going to have to check them out