Hash stash - some pics.

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Some close ups of my recent stash. Not the best pics at all but i am not to blame i was high already 😜

Went to the window to try and get some more light on it for a proper picture, still i think i might need a better camera to post quality pics.


Very soft stuff, real pungent smell also.


I think this chunk should be about 10g.


Will post more pics soon when i star my own grow. Enjoy!


I be having the same issue as well I with pics. But the beauty of ganja, is we can look past the picture and see the product on hand, or the work that goes into making the said product

Looks like a little turd.

Now that you mentioned it i cant stop washing my hands, thanks for that one :D

Did you find it on the ground near a tree?

you think it is a bird turd? :D would need to be a big bird :D

Nice one. How does it taste? Is it dry-sift- or ice-water-hash?

all dry this peeps dont use the ice water thing at all. Tastes sometime a bit harder than i would like but i abuse it haha, it hits you well with a lot of indica style high and lasts a long time also, makes me hungry af everytime :D

sounds very pleasant. enjoy it