Weekly Grow Log 2 - Getting Fat


Photo by me

Only a couple more weeks


My two Northern Lights plants are doing great right now. The first one to start flowering is starting to get fat buds and really starting to fill out.


Photo by me

The other Northern Lights plant is slowly building up its bud sites, but it has a lot more trichomes forming a lot earlier on than the other one. I think this one is going to be covered in furry trichomes in the next few weeks.


Photo by me

It is hard to believe that in a couple weeks, this lady is going to be ready to harvest.

File_000 1.jpeg

Photo by me

Yesterday I trimmed up the younger Northern Lights and Rusty wanted to help me. He sneaks into my grow room whenever I am in there taking care of the plants. If I put him on my computer chair, he usually just sits there and watches me.


Photo by me

I wonder how much fatter these buds are going to get. One of the things that I have noticed with these autoflowers that I am growing is that their branches aren't that thick, so I don't know how much weight they will be able to support. If the branches begin to weigh down, I will have to tie them up to help support the weight.


Photo by me

Once my wife and I decide on whether or not we are moving, I want to start growing regular plants and not autos. Right now I am just limited on grow space, so having a veg tent and a flowering tent is out of the picture, but I like the idea of having my plants in veg for a while longer so that they can get taller and thicker branches before sending them into flower.


Photo by me

Another thing I have noticed with autos is that they are extremely delicate and don't seem to do well with too much stress. I may have trimmed my plants up a bit too much early on and stunted some of their growth. For my critical purple that is growing right now I am going to not trim it at all and see how the buds turn out. I am just going to work on training the branches out, but leave most of the leaves on it and see if it will get a lot bigger that way. That is one of the main reasons I am making these grow logs, so I can come back to them in the future and see what has worked the best.


Photo by me

For now though, I am extremely happy with the progress I have made on my first grow. I never thought that I would have done this well. I owe a lot of it to the Weed Cash community for the different tips that I have gotten from them.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my post. I hope that you appreciate the photos. Next week I am sure I will have some pretty fat buds to share with you all.


These are such awesome shots! I'm beginning to kind of fall in love with the auto flowering. Quick turnaround from start to finish. I bet these are going to taste great.

Ya. They are quite a bit easier and a lot quicker than the normal plants. Hopefully their yield is worth it.

They are looking beautiful! I grew some autos a while back, I personally loved them for a small space. Had I was able to get way more out of them by doing some LST work. You just have to be very careful because if the lighter weight stalk and branches.

Outstanding! I’m sure it’s going to swell up to at least a quarter of the current size. It is true autos can be delicate, but yours are still killing it.

Great to see you posting man, hive on

Thanks homie. I have cut back a lot on the time I would usually spend here, but still find time to post every now and then.

What a beauty!! Congratz ^^

You want these white pistils to disappear completely and to be only buds, the last 2 weeks are so important in term of bud size. I wish I could zoom in those thricomes

Looks fantastic. Autos are delicate for sure, I myself stunted 2 not knowing. Regs for me from now on.