We have a sprout


Photo by me

My little baby


So one thing that I found out about growing cannabis that I wasn't expecting was how exciting this could be. Growing a cannabis plant is a lot different than growing flowers or any other type of plant, mainly because I have such a relationship with cannabis right now and I want to make sure that this little guy makes it to harvest.

So I have moved the plant upstairs into its own room where it is a lot warmer and it will be able to thrive a lot better than it would have in its previous conditions. I am in the process of reading some books about growing and I am researching some other seeds that I will be adding to my collection.

So before I started school about 5 or 6 years ago, I wanted to become a chef, but the VA said that my back was too messed up to be a chef and they wouldn't pay for my schooling for that, so I put those desires on the backburner, which was fine because I was able to find my passion for photography in the meantime and I learned a ton of things and was able to travel all over the world doing photography.

One of my friends was able to go to culinary school and he is working as a chef right now, so I contacted him about the possibility of teaming up and working on a cannabis cookbook together. He is super excited about it and I told him to come up with some good recipes and I will take all the pictures and design the book. I also have a friend that is a month or so in on growing about 16 plants and he is going to be donating a pretty large amount of cannabis to us to be able to cook and experiment with.


Photo by me

Since I moved the plant upstairs a few days ago, it has been growing very well and it sprouted open and is showing off its little leaves already and has some nice fur already growing.

I am excited to continue this journey of growing cannabis and then creating different recipes and compiling it all into a book that we will eventually release.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my pictures. You are awesome.


One thing I think about a lot is humans relationship with intoxicants that your able to grow, particularly Wine and Cannabis.

I just find it amazing how seriously a grower takes these substances. I am sure there are some lettuce farmers that fell the same passion about their lettuce, but no where near the same passion as wine grape growers, and cannabis growers.

yeah.... part of the addiction :P
we also make schnaps/ rakia/ brandy from grapes :)
actually from any fruit viable and sweet enough :) as you know...
wine from wild berries is the best :D
and even more fun when you put some thc/cbd matter into the fermenting process...

but yeah, congrats to @derangedvisions for this blessed moment when the little weeds just show up and you feel inspired for their whole life cycle :)

Thanks homie

I like me a dry Syrah. Never tried wine made from wild berries, always open to something new :)

Ya. There is a special connection with these plants.


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Absolutely phenomenal work and growing cannabis really is extremely exciting not only are you getting therapy yourself from the medicine that you produce but also the hope and care that you're putting into another being.

Biggest advice I could ever give you would be to do a lot of research and start here because plants do tell you what is going wrong with them.


Just my preliminary Google search because I was looking for two specific photographs actually yielded me way more information.

yes that's right plants absolutely talk to you and tell you what is going on if you can read these signs. You can be a phenomenal grower.

A lot of people get stressed out because they don't have easy access to this information and more.

if you want advice just hit me up you've got my Discord.

as well you could always hit up my friend as well as phenomenal grower @cowboyblazerfan

Personally out of anyone on the blockchain I would trust his opinion.

There really is a lot of Hope when you are responsible for the production of your own medicine and get to see the fruits of your labors.

My go-to resource manual would be at rosenthal's oaksterdam edition of the cannabis grow Bible.

Absolutely gorgeous and congratulations. Hopefully you have a little humidity dome to protect that little girl.

And if you ever get into the Portland Oregon area I have a ton of seeds from listed strains. I'd be happy to throw you a few.

Thanks man. I've got a lot of different resources and some friends here that have been growing as well. I am hoping to make it to Oregon this spring or summer, so hopefully I can make it up to Portland area too.


I'd love to hang out and yeah like I said I got a bunch of seeds you can have.

Ahh thanks man. I’m just a guy who grows a couple plants. Happy growing

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HOo Hoo. I have a friend that is growing medical for he and his dad. He's been a 'non medical' grower in his life but now has the perfect set up. Lights and tents and ph balance and ... He's doing well. Besides, AZ just went full legal so his license isn't as great as it was a couple of months ago.

Saw a guy on a one wheel yesterday. I think it was the little one, but I'm not sure. He was tooling along the sidewalk so I saw him cross the street and a block or so down. Looked way cool...

I am hoping to get a whole set up here in the next couple weeks or so. Maybe it will be a Christmas present for myself.


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If i remember correctly you will have to see if it's a female at some point. Either way, you have become an official horticulturist!

If it is a male plant, then that means I can just learn some stuff as I grow this plant. No big deal. I may even be able to pollinate some of my friend’s plants with it.


I believe in you! Giving a new meaning to Green Thumb... hahaha

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Your plant looks about 30 seconds away from going moldy.

Overwatering is a VERY common mistake for beginners. Have you been watering everyday? Every other day? You should water like once a week or less.

Here's my advice take it or leave it: Put your finger deep into the soil today. Do you feel moisture at all? Then it's not time to water. Wait till the soil is almost completely dry then water. Do this every time to see when to water. Your leaves really shouldn't look like they do on the tip. They might die. You can tell from the picture the soil is wet af. Don't water for at least 5 days.

It's also possible your room is too dirty. Remove everything you can from the room and scrub the walls and floor Etc.

I appreciate you letting me critique your grow and I promise you from experience your plant is a baby step away from dying from mold. It might survive though. Like I said it's the most common mistake.