We got pink weed!


This is going to be awesome


When I checked on my plants this morning after their lights came back on, I noticed that one of them has really started to flower and the pink colors of the Red Poison is already showing.


I think the cooler weather has really helped to bring out the color of this strain. I can't wait to see how these buds start to look over the next few weeks as they fatten up and get more colorful.


These buds should be nice and fat and full of vibrant colors. They are going to make for some very cool photos over the coming weeks.


Right on! Thats is always exciting to see your pistols transform into flowers, especially when it is a color like pink! Honestly I don't think I have ever had a pink pistol pheno.

I am so excited for this strain. Hopefully the GDP doesnt take too long because I want to start my Purple Lemonade seeds as soon as possible. lol

Are those photo periods too?

No. They are autos. The only photos I have are the GDP.

Looks like the leaves on the Bruce Banner I'm trimming. Red veins with a dark green leaves.

Nice. I've heard amazing things about that strain.

It's the best from my crop. It's a cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel.. sniffing mine is like huffing Diesel fuel..

Doesn't sound like it smells that good, lol. I'm not a fan of the diesel smells, but I am sure it's awesome. I’ve never heard of strawberry diesel before. I am going to have to check it out.

Beautiful plant, looking forward to seeing bit beautiful colors in the coming week

Thanks homie.

You are welcome

great color

Thanks man. I have been looking forward to this grow for a while now.

i can only grow for now in my dreams

if red means very beautiful, if there are no other activities at home, take better care of plants, hopefully your plants are more beautiful than before🥰

cool lookin leaves around the bud. i should try these crazy collours strains... but i also want to master banana blaze grow... life is hard. can't wait to see it soon with a bugger body, its looking good, good job !!

you are the best

No I'm not

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