These buds are almost ready


About a week or so left


The red poison is going to be ready for harvest before I know it. They have really fattened up in the past few days, and I am hoping that over the next week they continue to do that and to produce more of those beautiful trichomes.


These purple buds are really cool to look at, but they are nowhere near the size of the green ones of this strain. The two other red posions have really done well.




I have stopped feeding them any nutrients and will just be flushing them with water until they are ready for harvest. That way I know that the nutrients will all be absorbed by the plant and I won't be overfeeding them in their last week. I have heard different reports that flushing improves the flavor of the cannabis as well and removes any chemical taste.


These are some of my favorite plants I have grown and I am very excited to give this strain a try. The heavy indica in this plant's profile is going to be exactly what I am looking for. It will be a perfect way to end a stressful day and relieve some body pain.


This is my bubble gum that is about two weeks behind the red poison. Bubble gum is one of my favorite strains I have ever had. It is one of the most pleasant highs I have experienced and it works wonders for pain. I made the mistake of giving away so much of this one in my previous grows that I am down to about a half a gram, so I am very excited to replenish my stores of this bubble gum.


My last bubble gum harvest was very good, but I did not know a lot of the techniques I have been using with this one, so it will be cool to see how much I am able to increase my yield.


This morning, I ended up mainlining the granddaddy purp, so I will be interesting to see how this one continues to grow. The fan leaves on this one are MASSIVE and I was worried that if I didn't mainline this one, that it would get way too tall when it does its preflower stretching.


These leaves are crazy. They are bigger than my hands when I stretch my fingers apart. I think it has 8 branches now and now all of those branches will essentially become their own main stems as the plant grows outwards instead of growing up.


I am probably going to have to install the netting in the tent when this lady is ready for flowering because those branches are going to be weighed down quite a bit.


It would be cool to get some cool colors on the GDP like this red poison. I really like the way this plant looks.


Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my plants. I can't wait to try these ones out and free up space in the tent for the GDP to really shine. This has been such a fun grow so far.


Looking good dude! Judging by the white hairs, you should probably let them go longer. But the sooner you do chop, the more you can focus on the GDP.

Ya, I have noticed the white hairs on the purple one are pretty long. In about 7 days, I will be looking closely at the trichomes to see how they all look before I decided to send them to the dark for a few days before harvesting.

Yeah smart thinking bro! I fell like the Photo flower will impress you more then the autos. But the fact of finishing fast is very appealing when it comes to autos

You took the words out of my mouth. Be careful thinking something is "almost ready" and remember you can have quite a bit of amber trichomes before you harvest. It's not like if you see one amber tric you have to harvest 🤣 Good luck they look excellent.

I'm not sure these plants are "almost ready." That's a good thing though.

Ya, I like a nice mixture of amber trichomes and milky ones. I prefer to have a bit more amber trichomes in them as well, so I am sure that these have a little longer than I had thought.

nice work homie.

Thanks man. I am super excited for these ones.

Your plants are awesome! Enjoy!!


Damn that purple is beautiful. You're making me wanna start growing too and I don't even smoke anymore lol.

You should start growing. It is a lot better than buying from a dispensary and you know exactly what you are getting.