Sundae Driver - Strain Review


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Let's Try Something New


So I have never done a strain review before, but I think it would be fun to try and get into the habit of it. Especially since it will give me a reason to branch out from my normal strains that I have been using and try some new ones.


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Sundae Driver is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie. It has a really awesome piney smell to it. I bought a third of an ounce today from the dispensary and I am using a bit of it to make some cannabis infused coconut oil and I am decarbing it right now so my house smells amazing.


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I really like the different purples and oranges on this as well. It is a really colorful strain. As you can see, there are a ton of sticky trichomes on it. The flower that I have purchased from my medical dispensary have been really dry though, so the buds don't have the nice sticky texture on them.


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Before I started getting everything ready to make the cannabis oil, I loaded up my bowl and gave this thing a try. One thing I noticed was the flavor was really nice. It wasn't really smokey at all, which was nice because that is the one thing I hate about using fire on my cannabis. I normally use a desktop vaporizer or have edibles, so finding a strain that tastes good with fire is pretty nice.


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It has a nice energetic high that isn't overpowering, so I feel like I can still function normally, but not be so stressed out with everything. This is a good strain for being able to focus and get things done, which is nice because some of the indica strains I have used turn me into a vegetable on the couch. Those stronger indicas are my go to sleep time strain, which Sundae Driver so far does not seem like a good one for bed time.

I have read that this strain does make you tired a few hours in, which could be nice for an afternoon smoke. Overall, I like this strain and it will definitely be one that I buy again or try and get some seeds and grow some myself. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of treats I can make with the oil.




I know a treat you could make....

Now that does look pretty awesome.

That’s a beautiful flower! Sounds absolutely amazing:)

Thanks. I really am digging this strain so far. I got a lot done yesterday.

That looks like some bad ass bud you got there! I miss the good stuff. Hard to come by here in Thailand.

I just wanted to stop by as I just powered up to over 20k HP, and figured it was a good time to redo my auto voter. I just put you on there, as you've been generous to me in the past and you do some great posts and I would love to support your efforts here.

To my understanding you manage the photofeed tag? or is it now Photography Lovers?

When I post my photography posts, where should I tag it to get the most exposure?

Much appreciation my Hive brother.

From Chiang Mai Thailand

-Dan "World Travel Pro"

I manage the photography lovers community. You can post your stuff there, or really any pertinent community. I don't have anything to do with Photofeed, but they are pretty awesome.

Good to know. Really appreciate it!, Keep up the good work!

I should probably already know this....but one more question.

I post through the Travel Feed website and they automatically have it set to post to their community...but then I'm allowed other tags. To get my posts into "photography lovers" do I just type in photographylovers (one word) into the tag. Will that get me posting in this community? Hope I'm not a pain, I'm really a travel guy, not a tech guy. Much thanks and happy new year!


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