Quad Grape final weight and new grow underway

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Time to start the cure


All of the buds from the Quad Grape are finished drying and it is time to find out how much I got from this last grow. In total, I grew six Quad Grape plants. I had ordered the seeds from the guys over at @bifbeans and this is one of their highly recommended strains.


The look really good, but are a bit smaller than I was hoping for. I am sure this was my fault that they weren't as large and dense as I had hoped. I don't think I have enough lights in the tent to grow six plants, so I will only be growing five from now on until I am able to either get one more smaller light, or one large light that will fill up the grow space.


I think another issue I have with the buds being a bit smaller and airy is that I didn't really use any nutrients specifically for the flower cycle. I recently ended up buying a large bottle of Bloom from Fox Farm and hopefully that helps increase bud size. I used Bloom on a few of my first grows and I think it really helped my Northern Lights buds get so big.


This was the Northern Lights from my first grow and it was pretty massive. Hopefully in the future, I can get them to look like this again.


These quad grapes buds are very frosty though and I really do like the way they look.


I need to get a better scale for weighing large amounts of cannabis because this little thing takes forever weighing only 6-7 grams at a time. But it is very accurate down to 0.01 gram.


I was able to fill up eight of these large mason jars. I didn't fill them all the way to the top because I wanted to leave some air space in there to help get fresh air in when I burp the jars every 8 hours.

So in total, I was able to get 233.47 grams from this harvest. So just over a half a pound. Not too shabby. I am sure if my nutrients were optimal and my lighting was better, I could have gotten quite a bit more. I don't really mind that much though because if I did get more, I would have had a lot more to trim. One good thing about trimming this much was that I did get to start watching Better Call Saul and I was able to finish the first season while doing it, so it wasn't too horrible.

While all of this was drying, I started germinating the seeds of my next grow. I am pretty excited about this one because I got some pretty cool new strains from Seedsman. I have five plants that I will be growing. They are Purple Punch, Purple Lemonade, Red Poison, Green Crack and then Ghost Toof from Bifbeans.

All of these strains have their own look and colors to them, so my tent should be full of really cool colors during flower. They are going to be awesome looking.


What I do is I put an empty jar on the scale and then zero it so I can then weigh a jar full of cannabis, without getting the weight of the jar

I am sure that would work better. My scale is really small so I don't know what the max weight it can handle is.

Looking great! I have issues growing different strains at the same time though. They need different things, they're not the same height, and they don't mature at the same time! I'm going for all the same strain on my next crop.

Light is often the bottleneck. I'm with ya there. I don't really have access to what I need so I just hodgepodge it.

Ya, this next grow could get a bit interesting growing 5 different strains at once, but they are all autos, so I dont need to worry about light cycles or anything and I can adjust light height independently between all my lights as well.

Sounds like you're up for the adventure :D Enjoy.

Makes me wanna start smoking again. Nice yield man those nugs are looking real dope.

Thanks man. If you are ever this way, I have plenty to share.

Those are some of the craziest looking grapes I've ever seen ;)

They are some of the best grapes ever.

I bet they would be great in a grape salad.

Wow what a detail I always want to capture this type of detailed pictures amazing shot...btw which camera didi you use to capture these amazing pictures

Thanks. I use a canon camera for my photos.

Okk that amazing 🙂

WOW, 233.47 grams!!!
Not bad for your very first time!

Thanks. But this isn't the first grow of mine. I think this is like the 5th grow or so.

My bad! I thought I read somewhere that you first started in December. Hmmm... I am just confused, hehehe!