Northern Lights Strain review and first impressions


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There is something magical about growing your own cannabis and then being able to smoke what you have grown yourself. It is nice knowing exactly how it was grown and what kind of nutrients were used.


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It has been a little over a week since I harvested my first Northern Lights plant and I have been drying and curing it since. So far the curing process has been going good and I have been burping my jars every 8 hours or so.

Every time that I open the lids on the jars, I am greeted by an amazing smell. When I first started drying and curing, the smell was sort of like fresh cucumbers, but now there is a slight sugary and sweet smell. It is also a super fresh smell that I have not gotten with any of the cannabis I have purchased from dispensaries.


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I love the colors on this strain. The orange hairs are a really cool contrast to the greens in the leaves and they really stand out against the frosty trichomes.


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So, how does it taste? Well right now it is still pretty early and the terpenes are still being released and will continue during the curing process. So right now the taste isn't the greatest that I have ever had. Smoking from a bong will give a far better taste and the smoke isn't as harsh. I am hoping that the taste will continue to improve over the next few weeks.


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I have several jars full of these buds and I will be curing them for different amounts of time to see the difference in effects. Speaking of effects... This is an amazing strain. It has the ability to melt away body pain, leaving you pleasantly relaxed.

One thing I love about this strain is that there really isn't a strong head high. So don't expect racing thoughts or any of that with NL. If you suffer from ADHD, this would be a perfect strain for calming your mind and letting you wind down after a long day. This is a heavy indica strain, so don't expect to go out and get a ton of stuff accomplished after smoking because it melts you to the couch and will leave you content on just relaxing there for a while.

Overall, I really love this strain and I am sure it will become a stable in my collection. It has a lot of medicinal benefits without leaving your head too far up in the clouds.


Dam the photos are fantastic, I still bet if ain't doing the flower justice.

One thing I love about this strain is that there really isn't a strong head high.

This is my favourite strain, and I agree with this 100%

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Thanks homie. Ya, cannabis is such a beautiful plant. I really like this strain a lot and can't wait to see how it gets better with time.


it's amazing my friend, it won't be long now until you can relax on a sofa smoking such a splendid of plant.

Very Nice, I like the fact that it's homegrown and The second last paragraph where it's not so much of a head high and racing thoughts. Would be nice to try one of your plants one day!

Looks Beautiful!!
Those orange hairs are amazing.
I'm all about that indacouch weed. :)
Nice job.

Thanks man. The first plant had a ton of orange hairs and their colors are so cool. I also love a nice strong indica.

The colors mate:0 I forgot when was the last time i saw such pulpy buds!! Here we get a few strains of indica and sativa! Too dry and unpleasant flavours:3

Thanks. That sucks that you only have access to a few different strains. One thing I like about cannabis now is that there are so many different strains, each with their own specific traits and can help you in different ways.


Yeah and they actually help you! Search about and get something balanced according to you taste.. Once it was only a mindless high! Now it helps.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

there is a lot of red in your northerlight I wounder if mine how is now just in grow phase wil be as yours .
My northerlight is from senci, So nice we can compare
great grow bro

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Ya, this first batch had a lot of oranges in it. The second plant I just harvested doesn't have such strong colors like this one. Maybe because it has like twice the trichomes on it.

ahh... northern lights...

its rare i smoke, but remember having some of this over in amsterdam a few years ago..

being a bit of a knobhead, and having fingers like cows udders I can't roll joints myself, so I asked the barmaid in the coffeeshop to sort it out for us... stick it all in..

Just remember laughing at nothing, going up and down and mi mate not being able to feel his legs..

what a great weekender away.

I like the RickHead nug. It was also nice to hear your connoisseurship in your review of the fabled Northern Lights blend. Curious to hear how the taste will change from your staggered curing regimen.