It starts with a seed


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The first Blueberry seed that I tried germinating was a dud and never pooped a taproot out, but I am in the process of germinating another Blueberry and the last Gorilla Glue seed. All the previous GG seeds were either germinating duds or the plants did not turn out well, so I am hoping that the last one works. The GG seeds that did germinate and start growing had some weird leaf deformities so I am going to see if the whole batch of GG is messed up. Hopefully it grows because I have been wanting to see the GG in flower because it is a beautiful plant.


Photo by me

This is my little Bubblegum sprout. She is super healthy and going to grow up nice and strong. It is crazy how fast cannabis grows. It seems like I have to trim my Critical Purple almost daily because it keeps shooting new fan leaves out.


Photo by me

My Northern Lights has been drying for the past few days and it is almost ready to go into its own jar to begin curing. I have been curing my first batch of NL for about a week now and every 8 hours I have been burping the jars. I will be able to go to burping once every 24 hours probably tomorrow. The humidity in those jars are sitting at about 69% consistently, which makes the risk of mold a lot lower than about a week ago when they first went in the jars.


Photo by me

These buds on the second NL plant are a lot smaller than I had hoped for and I will be weighing them tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if the total weight is less than 25 grams for this harvest, but the buds seem a lot frostier, so hopefully they are pretty potent.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my post. You are awesome. Now back to the grow room to prep for my next project in there.


It all starts with a seed, so True on all things in life.
AMAZING close up shots and the last one is my favorite 😍

Growing things and follow the process is fun 😉

Have a wonderful week.

Thank you. I am having a ton of fun growing and learning a lot in the process.

I can imagine 😉 lol
We learn by experience.
And by sharing this you inspire us to try it to 🙏

your Northern Lights is very beautiful, and the buds are amazing, I hope you can get more than 25 grams, sometimes plants surprise us, when we think they will give a certain amount they surprise us by giving us more, besides they look in good shape.


That’s how bud is supposed to look! ;)

Thanks. I can't wait to try them out. The last batch of NL is an awesome smoke.

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Thanks homie

Did you say the Bubblegum sprout is super strong and healthy? It's looking rather too tiny to me or is it just my vision?
And if I am not mistaken, the second photo is the bubblegum right?

Ya, the second photo is the bubblegum. I said that it was healthy and that it looks like it will be growing up to be strong.

I guess it would be, I take your words for it. Though it's small but it does look healthy

Men, that bubble gum sprout is magnificent. 😯💯