Here goes nothing


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The past few days, I have been germinating a cannabis seed and it is finally ready to move to its new home. It took about 4 days or so for the taproot to come out. I had it wrapped in some moist paper towels and had it in a cabinet where it was dark.


Photo by me

Everything I had read was saying that I need to keep the temperature between 70-90 degrees for the germination process. That is pretty warm, especially in the winter time here, so I kept it as close to 70 as possible without making my house too hot.


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So here is the new home that the seed has been moved to. I pushed a pen in the dirt about a quarter of an inch or so and carefully placed the seed inside the hole and covered it up. I will be misting the soil for the next couple days with a spray bottle to keep it from getting too dry.


Photo by me

I've got some grow lights that I am going to keep it under so that it has some light. I am hoping that it still sprouts in the next week, but I think it may be too cold for it. I am doing this more as an experiment to see if I can grow some weed here in the winter.

I am going to be ordering some more seeds as it gets closer to spring, so hopefully this will give me a bit of experience with growing cannabis so that I will know more of what to do when I have a bit more plants I will be managing.

The whole purpose of the cannabis that I am going to be growing is so that I can cook with it. There are a lot of cool cooking with cannabis shows that I have been watching lately and it would be fun to cook with and if I have a stash that I am growing, I won't worry too much if I mess anything up in the process.

So here goes nothing on my cannabis growing journey. I hope that everything works out with this plant.


Hopefully you don't mind some free advice. Or else the plant will probably die LOL. Winer grows aren't the best, but its obviously possible. If you have a space heater or something you can set to 70 degrees, its better than just "trying" to keep it around 70 degrees F. Heat fluxuation will fuck everything royally. You can also set the light period for the night time.

You HAVE to get a humidifier if its dry at all. The plant will maybe last a week if you are lucky without one. You might also want to pick up a humidity thermometer. If your room is dry {99% chance its too dry} your plants WILL NOT GROW. You are already falling into the very common trap of "I will just spray the soil a lot." This will also kill your plants. Think of it as a catch 22. If the room is dry you need to water a lot. Watering a lot kills the plants.

P.S You HAVE GOT TO PROTECT THE RUG. 🤣 Typically growers avoid rugged rooms. You should maybe put an extra board underneath. I know it has a water catch but... just trust me if you dont want to have to pull out the rug this time next year. If you dont believe me, put a towel under the pot then smell it after a few weeks. The room looks pretty big in general actually. If it's a big room, maybe find a closet or something. Easier to heat, light and make humid.

Thanks for all the advice.


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Actually a good pile of good advice.

Alright man!! Assuming it gets way colder there then where I live I imagine you run a heater in your home, or in the room you happen to be in. If that’s the case that seedling should have plenty of heat it needs to do it’s thing. That light above it should do the trick as well. Happy growing brother!!

How careful you are, the cultivation of cannabis is delicate. How great that you started this project. Many times I have tried to cultivate my own plant but it always ends up dying, I think it is because of the climate where I live

Good luck cannabis does make good cookies ,,, hehe 😆