Grow Diaries - Chapter 1


Photo by me

Green Thumb


Ever since I started growing cannabis, I have really gotten into it. I think I am going to start posting small diary entries so I can keep track of how my plants are doing and share some of my thoughts about growing and cannabis in general.


Photo by me

I started growing cannabis a bit over a month or so ago. I really had no idea what I was doing or what I was getting myself into. There have been so many things that I have had to start thinking about and getting ready for as these plants get bigger.

One of the things I have thought a lot about is the smell once I harvest and start the drying phase. I have no idea what I am going to do about the smell because I want to have another set of plants ready to start growing when I am drying these ones out. I will probably end up buying another grow tent and make it a drying tent where I can have another air filter running in there.


Photo by me

My Northern Lights plant with the messed up leaves is started to do a lot better. It has some new perfect looking leaves coming out, so soon the dumb ones will be outnumbered by good ones. I think it will start shooting up once the leaves are able to suck in more of the light.


Photo by me

My new Gorilla Glue is looking really good as well. The other GG with the dumb leaves is growing, but not very fast. I think the new sprout will have surpassed it in size in 3 days. I have been thinking about getting a timelapse camera and setting it up in the tent to get video of the plants as they grow. I think that would be pretty cool to see how the leaves and branches all shoot out.


Photo by me

Overall my plants are doing really well considering this is my first attempt at growing cannabis. I still have a lot to learn with all of this. The next thing I am going to be looking into is nutrients during the flower stage, so if anyone has any suggestions on what works for them, let me know. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my page and see some pictures. You are awesome.


All are looking great man! Remember keep it simple, as you can look at my grow and see what happens when you complicate things.

As far as smell, you can manage it, but it is something you can never really eliminate. Happy growing!

I am hoping to keep this as simple as possible. I've got a friend trying to get me into hydroponics.

Looking good.

Great shots too

It is incredible how in a few days it grows so fast

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