Got a new sprout


Photo by me

Can't celebrate too early


Last night my newest Gorilla Glue seed sprouted up out of the dirt. This seedling is about a week behind the rest of them, and it is already looking better than two of the plants I have growing.


Photo by me

This little girl is struggling. My first Gorilla Glue seedling opened up and had super thin first leaves that looked like they were stuck together and it kind of didn't do any type of growing over the course of a week. I started to mist them more often with a spray bottle and it seems to be helping it spread its wings out.


Photo by me

I've got another plant that is growing retarded right now as well. It is the second Northern Lights seedling. Once I started to mist this one a few days ago, it really seems to be doing a lot better. The humidity in my grow tent has been a constant 55%, so I am not sure what caused these two seedlings to sprout up all wonky. The only thing I can think of is that some of the seeds I got have down syndrome because the first Northern Lights plant is doing awesome.


Photo by me

The whole reason I have a new seedling now is because the other Gorilla Glue that I planted with the rest of these plants never sprouted up. I may have planted it a bit too deep the first time, and I am wondering if the two plants that are growing all weird were planted a bit too deep as well and on their way to the surface got all messed up.

Only time will tell to see if they are able to recover or not. If they can't recover from having messed up first set of leaves, I am going to have to start them over again with the last of the seeds that I got in my order. I don't think I am going to be going through Growers Choice Seeds again for my next batch of seeds just in case it was an issue with the seeds themselves.


Photo by me

This little girl looks super healthy though and I am sure she isn't going to have the same issues the other two have. I am excited for this Gorilla Glue plant to mature because it looks amazing once it is in bloom and covered with tons of little trichomes.


Photo by me

Only a couple weeks until this Northern Lights begin to flower and I have a few things I need to get to prepare for that. I am going to be looking into the different options for flowering nutrients and I need to get some little humidity gauges that I can pop in my jars once I am curing the buds. I am also thinking about getting another grow tent set up so that I can have more than just four plants growing at a time. I think I may wait until after this grow has flowered though so I don't get overwhelmed with having a million plants going.

Well, thanks for taking the time to stop by and see the progress in my garden. You are awesome.


for some reason this post reminded me of lord of the rings return of the king book ending where Gandalf and aragorn found a sprout of the Tree. Maybe this is also a sign of a better future?

Happy 2021.

Hopefully there is a better future for this new year. Last year sucked.


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You have framed some plants. Really amazing photoshoot!

Be careful on getting the leaves wet. Did you get the free sample of Dr enzyme?

I just give them a spray in the morning so that there is time for it to evaporate before the lights go off. No I haven't gotten the sample in yet. I am sure it will be here soon.

Plant looks good. Also I forget your in a dry area. Nice work man, !wine

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Anyway, every picture looks very beautiful! Nice Photography!


Nice shot 👍

I was fascinated by how good the resolution of your pictures are. 😁 And I think thats cool. But not as cool as the name of the plants! Gorilla Glue and Northern Lights? Dude, like, its a perfect name to use in an online game. 😅 People wouldn't even know your gaming name came from a plant! 😁 That's so cool! But I haven't heard of it before tho but it piqued my interest to check it out myself 😅 Caring for plants are hardwork. Hope you raise them well soon! 😊

Is it possible that they were born crooked in the direction of the sun? That's what I can think of, I don't know if that's it

I don't know. That would be weird.

Man my cats would have a great time destroying those plants . 🐈🐈🐈

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Ya the very first sprout I had got pulled out by one of my cats. Luckily I was able to get it back in soil quickly and save it. Now my cats aren't allowed anywhere near my grow room.

I replanted mine to.. the cats came back even harder

Good luck with your seedlings. Hopefully they recover and flourish. I wish I had been more careful and not lost the seeds of a purple plant I found in the forest.

They seem to be doing a lot better these past couple days. Hopefully you can get back out there and find some more of those seeds.


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