Girl Scout Cookies - Strain Review


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GSC - My favorite strain


Girl Scout Cookies is probably my favorite cannabis strain I have ever had. The batch that I got was tested at 21% THC. This has been my go to strain for relaxing at night. It offers an amazing body high and a nice creative head high that lets me get lost in deep thought.


Photo by me

The buds are packed with billions of little trichomes that make it look like the surface of an alien planet. Be prepared to blast off to another planet when you have some of this strain as well. There have been times that I have felt like I am able to travel to other dimensions and time with this strain.


Photo by me

GSC has a nice sweet earthy smell to it and an awesome taste when vaporized. I am going to have to eventually get some seeds so I can grow my own GSC plants one day.


Photo by me

GSC is a perfect bed time strain. I would not recommend doing this one early in the day if you have plans to get anything done though because a few hours into the high, you will begin to get a very strong couch lock. This makes it perfect for those suffering from insomnia though because you will sleep like a baby.

If you have not had a chance to get your hands on some Girl Scout Cookies, I would highly recommend this strain. It can get a bit expensive, but it is well worth the money for some top shelf buds.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my review and look at my images. You are awesome!


I agree, it is a great bed time smoke. Especially after a long day at work. It helps those hard to reach spots. Almost like a hot shower. Great pics

Thanks. I first had this strain a few years ago and whenever I come across it, I make sure to pick some up. It has always had some of the best effects for me.


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Ohhhh man. And here I thought Thin Mint was the best :)

It's very photogenic and obviously more than a pretty face. The very best is the stuff that works.

I have never tried Thin Mint before, except for the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie. But talking about the real GSC, I think Samoas are my favorite.

I know there are a lot of peeps that are Samoas fans. I'm the thin mint guy.

How'd your CV test go?

Cookie Good!


a top 5 fave of mine gsc

Mine as well. I am still trying to find some Grand Daddy Purp. From what I have read about that one, I think it is going to be one of my favorites as well.

I have never tried any drugs or weed. But at times I do wonder what kind of art I would create while high. In my creations I already use various colors and ornaments, travel far away and do things that might not be possible in real life. So perhaps my art would not change at all...

You never know until you try it.

I totally agree, I remember smoking this strain before going to work and watching the monitor for several seconds at very close intervals hahaha if you like these strains I recommend West coast Og de fastbuds. Nice pics.

Thanks. I am gonna have to see if I can find that one somewhere.