Photo by me

So many hairs


My Northern Lights is sprouting hairs all over it as it is getting ready for budding.


Photo by me

The pistil sites are starting to flourish.


Photo by me

My other NL plants is starting to show signs of pistils coming in as well, so soon both plants will be starting to bud.


Photo by me

I took out the trellis netting that I had set up a few days ago. It was too much of a hassle when I was trying to trim and water the plants. I have some super croppers being delivered tomorrow that I will put on and it will make the plant spread out a lot easier without having to use a net.


Photo by me

Ever since I started growing, I have a deeper appreciation for the cannabis plant and the beauty that it has.


Photo by me

I can't wait until I am able to work on these plants full time. Hopefully within the next 6-12 months I will be able to live somewhere where that dream can happen. There are so many different benefits to cannabis. I haven't really had many bad symptoms of COVID these past couple weeks, and I think a lot of that is due to cannabis use.


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Simply beautiful, you can observe their sprouts

So forgot you even had Covid! Well so glad you are getting by just fine:)

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@derangedvisions, weird thing, but I have started an Insta for Natural Medicine - @lotus.medicine - and I was thinking, gee, I wish I had a nice original clear sharp pic of a bud I could use. And I was thinking - hmmm.. who on HIVE takes awesomely clear photographs? And I logged on, and lo! there you are! Would you mind if I used one of these for a post on Insta for my HIVE marketing project?

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