Flipping the lights to flower for my Granddady Purp


This is going to be amazing


Last night was the first night that my GDP got a full 12 hours of dark and it seemed pretty happy about it. When I went and checked on the plants this morning when I woke up, it was still in the last little bit of its dark cycle and it had so many little branches reaching up towards the sky ready for the lights to come back on.


This plant is going to be a monster in about a month or so. It has really stretched out across the netting. It is crazy how much of a difference in creating a nice canopy using a net versus just letting the branches do their own thing. I thought it would be a huge hassle dealing with this net and tucking branches, but it has actually been a lot of fun.


I think a lot of the fun comes from being able to manipulate the plant and move things around how I want to. It also helps that there are no other plants in the tent. Managing one plant is so much easier than trying to manage a full tent of different strains that all grow to different heights and have different life cycle times.


One of the main things I was worried about with using the net was watering, but it is so much easier just watering the single plant. Speaking of watering, this plant gets super thirsty and drinks a few liters a day. There is a lot of root growth at the bottom of the pot and starting to show through the drainage holes, which is good and means that I am giving the plant enough water for the roots to form down at the bottom.


I am really excited to see this plant progress through the flowering stage because there are so many different sites where the buds are going to form. I have no idea how much this plant is going to yield, but I have a feeling it is going to be the most I have ever gotten from a single plant and probably more than the six quad grape plants that I grew a few months back. It has been really cool to grow this photoperiod plant and see how much control I have over it as compared to the autos I have always grown before this one.


Speaking of autos, my bubblegum is just about ready. I am thinking it will be ready to go in the dark for 48hrs by Thursday or Friday.


I am glad that this one has fattened up nicely over the last week. I was worried that the buds would be airy like the last couple, but they have fattened up a bit more. Not as much as I was hoping, but I think it was because I was spreading the light across too many plants before I was able to move this one into its own tent and give it its own light.


One thing I really like about this strain is that it is covered in trichomes. The trichome distribution is pretty dense on this, which will make it pretty potent.


Speaking of trichomes, right now, the trichomes have reached their peak potency with THC and about 99% of them are milky. I could pull the plant now, but I am hoping that over the next few days, I will see more of the amber trichomes, which give me that nice body high and help to reduce pain and help more with sleep.


Bubblegum is one of my all time favorite strains and the last batch I grew of this one was pretty much perfect for my needs because it had a nice mixture of amber trichomes in with the milky ones.


I think as I trim this one up, I am going to leave most of the sugar leaves on and not cut them because they have so many trichomes on them and I wouldn't want to waste them. It would essentially be like throwing away a portion of your medicine when you get it.


Just look at how many trichomes are on this one. It would be crazy to cut them off.


I am super excited about this strain and I can't wait to be able to use it. I have been out of bubblegum for a couple months now and it is going to be great to be able to replenish my store of this amazing strain.


Cannabis is such a beautiful plant. I just wish I could grow all the strains and take pictures of them. I germinated a purple punch seed a few days ago and placed it in a pot, but it hasn't sprouted yet. Hopefully it does soon. If it doesn't that will be the first seed that hasn't germinated properly using my new method.


If it doesn't sprout up, I wont be too bummed about it though. I have so many different seeds and strains right now. I will probably start a white widow if this one doesn't sprout up. I have been looking into that one and it is a great strain for pain and has a lot of other great effects, like euphoria, creativity, energy, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Anyways, I am excited to see the GDP begin to change and start showing its first signs of flower. It is cool to be able to have more control over when it goes into flower. It has been a bit weird that the plant hasn't shown the signs of preflowering like the autos do on their own. But it has helped me to recognize the different stages better. I am having such a great time growing my own cannabis. I hope that everyone that enjoys cannabis is able to grow their at at some point in their lives because I really think that they will appreciate the plant a lot more.


I bet you would be really good at growing tomatoes.

I want to grow killer tomatoes

I bet they would go over well after you get the consumers on that bubble-gum! hahaha

That bubblegum is all mine. I probably won't be sharing much of it.


It is crazy how much of a difference in creating a nice canopy using a net versus just letting the branches do their own thing.

It's coming out really good! Nice trick.

I am hoping that over the next few days, I will see more of the amber trichomes, which give me that nice body high and help to reduce pain and help more with sleep.

Oh, I need some of that 😵 this is great, I'm glad you're enjoying the process, and you'll surely enjoy the results a lot more.

Beautiful post!

Thanks. I am super excited to see how well this plant does and to try it out soon.

Dude, I am so jealous. I was considering moving to Canada just so I can grow some of those beautiful plants...

Hopefully you are able to grow your own soon. The laws are slowly beginning to change in favor of cannabis use because there are so many benefits to it. Homegrown is so much better than from a dispensary too.

I really hope so, the funny thing is I don't even smoke (worried about my cardiovascular health), I just love those plants, the smell, the look, the flowering process, everything about them.

Have you ever looked into using a vaporizer? That is what I use. I don't like smoking because it is super harsh, but a vaporizer works really well and doesn't burn up the cannabinoids.

I was actually browsing for a starter kit yesterday, I also want to smoke herbs like mullein, blue lotus, etc. Maybe I will get one soon.

The process of growing this wonderful plant is a real art. Cannabis is amazingly beautiful in photos!

It really can be an art form when done correctly. I am hoping to get to that level of growing soon.

Nice post! The last lot I grew, one strain was a sibling of the purp! Purple lamborgini, its triple of X grandaddy purp.. i miss it a lot lol, and now im in mexico with nothing tiptop hahha

I have never tried granddaddy purple before but I have heard nothing but good things about it. I have been trying to get my hands on it for a while, so I am really excited about this plant.

This is going to be your best plant yet!

I hope so

Amazing shots of one of my favorite subjects as always, my friend!
And good job with your cultivation! 😍

Thanks homie. I am super excited for this strain.

Now that's a Christmas Tree

The best kind of tree