Catnip and Cannabis


Photo by me

Catnip is awesome


A couple nights ago, my son gave our cats some liquid catnip and Keiichi and Rusty loved it. Keiichi hogged most of it and was licking it all up off the floor.


Photo by me

Rusty is just vibing on the cat tower after he had some of the catnip. This is his favorite place to chill during the day because he can just lay on the tower and watch everyone and not worry about the dogs messing with him.


Photo by me

Keiichi loves catnip and didn't really let any of the other cats near it. Him and Rusty were going crazy over the catnip and started to draw the attention of the two other cats.


Photo by me

Keiichi wouldn't let Sammie or Sophie anywhere near his catnip. We had to take him away from the area so the other cats could have a little bit of fun.


Photo by me

He wasn't too happy at first, but then he ran off and started playing with Rusty and then they fell asleep. Such a hard life...


Photo by me

I installed a trellis net in my tent last night. It is supposed to help spread out my canopy and support some of the weight during the flowering stage as the buds begin to weigh down on the plant. The only problem is that with this strain of autoflower Northern Lights, it was made to grow in tight spaces, which makes it good for smaller indoor grows, but the branches aren't really that long, so it is a short, super bushy plant.


Photo by me

My other Northern Lights isn't even tall enough right now for the netting, so as it grows, I will try and train the branches to spread out a bit more.


Photo by me

The growth difference between these two plants is pretty crazy. The smaller one is just like two days younger than the other one, but it also had some issues at the beginning. I ended up getting rid of the two Gorilla Glue plants because they just weren't growing. When I pulled them up, there really wasn't much of a root system and the stem was pretty weak as well. I think there was some bad genetics from that seed company.


Photo by me

My Northern Lights is doing awesome though, so I can't really complain too much. I had purchased some other strains and now I am waiting to get them in the mail. Once I get them, I am going to be planting one more for now. I think the tent was a bit cramped with 4 in there, so 3 should be better and have more room for spreading out. This plant will also be ready for harvest once the new one is beginning to spread out anyways.


Photo by me

It is crazy to think that in about a month, this plant is going to be so much bigger and full of amazing looking buds.


Photo by me

This plant is so photogenic. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my post and check out my photos. You are awesome.


Are cats on catnip stoned?

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Ya, they start to feel good from their catnip after about 15 minutes or so. They love it. We are careful with how much we give them so they dont start drooling all over themselves like some cats do.


Sounds fun! - does it work on humans?

Plant looks amazing bro! And dude bravo for getting that trelis! Training is key, and it will help your yield. The way I describe it is, once a branch goes above the rest of the canopy, pull it down and tuck it under the trelis.

Tip: When bending braches, make sure to not do it when they need water, they will snap easier if it is dry.

Thanks for all the help along the way. I appreciate all the info.


Yeap no problem!

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@derangedvisions, In fourth picture we can see supernatural effect (Red Eyes) in cat's eyes. Stay blessed.

LOL, that is Sammie. He is a devil cat sometimes.


Our cat Cuzco loves to eat cannabis!

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