Can't get enough of these buds


Such a colorful garden


Man, I am really loving the colors in my grow tent right now. We are going to be entering the final weeks of flower for my red poisons. I just hope that the more colorful of the three starts to fatten up like the other two have.


I had mainlined one of the red poisons and that one is doing the best in terms of bud development. So I guess that if you mainline autoflowers early enough, it can be beneficial to do so.


I will be mainlining the granddaddy purple in about a week or two. Earlier, I was planning on germinating and growing two autos alongside the GDP, but I have decided that I am just going to have the GDP all by itself in the tent during the last of its veg cycle and then move it into flower alone. That way I am able to focus more time on training it and have two of the lights dedicated to this plant instead of trying to grow more plants in there and have them all fighting for exposure to the lights.


I really think that the GDP is going to be my largest plant I have ever grown, and I don't want to have any other plants interfering with its care.


I have learned so much over the past 10 and a half months of growing cannabis and I am excited to see how my first photoperiod is going to be.


I really like the quick turnaround on the autos, but I don't like how sensitive they are and that I have no control over their life cycles.


The autos have been awesome for growing a lot of different strains and finding the best ones that work for what I want to get out of cannabis.


One thing I am not looking forward to with photos is how long they take to grow. I think that the GDP is going to take me all the way until the end of February or maybe even into March before it is ready for harvest. So hopefully that extra time of growing and flowering makes for a larger harvest.


Growing photos will also open me up for a lot more strains to experiment with as well since there are not as many autoflowering strains available.


All I know is that over the next few weeks, my grow room is going to start smelling amazing as these autos finish up their flower cycle. It is always an exciting time when you are in the last weeks of flower right before harvest and you can see all of the time and effort paying off. It is going to be a lot of fun to trim this red strain though.


That fade is so cool! I Wouldn't be surprised if these are more purple then your GDP coming up

I am hoping that the GDP has some cool colors in it. I am excited for that one. I have been wanting to get my hands on it for a few years now.

I had one of my first blogs also a purple weed was not the best but then a buddy of mine came up with a purple weed and it was super tasty. Since then I am also a fan of purple pink weed. also to mix in joints looks nice on green weed. in short I wish you a lot of fun and hope the flavors are good but judging by your previous work it will probably be fine

Thanks man, I hope that it lives up to the expectations I have for it.

the "extra" time photos take will be well worth the "weight" 😉

I am really hoping that is the case.

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They look beautiful.

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