Buds for days


I cant wait for these


My red poison is getting closer and closer to being ready for harvest. I was checking trichomes this afternoon and they are starting to become milky, which means that it won't be much longer. Once I have about 30% amber trichomes, then these ladies will be ready to harvest.


The two non purple ones are the furthest along and have the largest buds, so I think they will be ready before the purple one is. It would be cool if the purple one fattens up like these other two, but I don't think that it will happen, but I can always hope.


I did a lot of defoliation on a lot of the leaves that were turning brown or were blocking light on the lower branches.








My bubblegum is starting to thicken up, which is nice because I am hoping for a nice harvest of this one because it is one of my favorite strains. I can't wait for the red poison to be finished so I can have more space in the tent for this one to get some light in the last weeks of its flowering.


The GDP is really looking forward to getting some more room as well. These fan leaves are massive and I think this plant is going to stretch out quite a bit and could take up a lot of room in the tent. Once all the other plants are gone, this lady will have all three lights to herself for a week or so and then I will be preparing her for flower cycle and then switching the lights to the 12/12 cycle.

I am hoping that the GDP is able to produce a nice yield. The stalk in this one is already thicker than the others in the tent. I have a feeling that I am really going to like how this photoperiod does compared to the autos I have always grown.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my pictures of my plants. You are awesome.


Man that is some of the most purple bud I have seen here!

Thanks man. They really are awesome looking.

Regardless of the uses for such plants... they sure are beautiful and extremely photogenic. I think your photography skills plus great subjects provide awesome imagery! =)

Thanks man. I really love the way these plants look. Their structure is pretty cool and they look awesome during flower.

Those are coming along great! That color on the red poison is insane. You should do a comparison between the red ones and the green to see if there is any sort of difference in that same plant. Probly not but you never know. :)

I am going to make sure to keep the different plants separate during the curing and drying so I can see how different they are.

Wow those are beautiful buds. They bring me positive energy. This is a good way to start a day. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks homie

You always post the craziest looking weed. I never seen a purple plant like that before. That's just wild! Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

Once the detail is visible on the object, I think the lens you are using is of high quality.
Thanks for sharing the beauty, I'm glad to see it.

Extraordinary flower bud photography. All the photography has been very beautiful.

Guess what? I'll tell you what.

I just checked the calendar and it says "you've gut buds for days" 🤓

Beautiful and healthy looking buds and I bet their high instilling feeling would be glorious!🔥🌟

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