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RE: Flipping the lights to flower for my Granddady Purp

in Photography Lovers15 days ago

Dude, I am so jealous. I was considering moving to Canada just so I can grow some of those beautiful plants...


Hopefully you are able to grow your own soon. The laws are slowly beginning to change in favor of cannabis use because there are so many benefits to it. Homegrown is so much better than from a dispensary too.

I really hope so, the funny thing is I don't even smoke (worried about my cardiovascular health), I just love those plants, the smell, the look, the flowering process, everything about them.

Have you ever looked into using a vaporizer? That is what I use. I don't like smoking because it is super harsh, but a vaporizer works really well and doesn't burn up the cannabinoids.

I was actually browsing for a starter kit yesterday, I also want to smoke herbs like mullein, blue lotus, etc. Maybe I will get one soon.