My THC Report Card

in Actifitlast year

I was planning on working out but then I ate these cookies and before I knew it I was sky high and could hardly do anything constructive it was quite the trip

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Happy to share one with you, its quite the wild ride I can tell you that much

Hahhaa, I never say no to cookies

Lol neither do I, cookies are one of my weaknesses


Haha how much THC was in those cookies? 😂

Lol 30milligrams they look sweet and innocent but let me tell you they hit really hard! I can’t imagine leaving these in your house and letting a family memeber who doesn’t know about it eat it

I was prepared for what was going to happen and even then it was still a wild ride, had to hold on to my couch 🛋

If I get 5usd upvoted in a blogpost.
How much do I get and how much to curations?

You would get 50% as an author so 1.5 USD

You can use for all the calculations

50% of 5 is 2.5.
Thanks for the help. Trying to calculate the value of esteempoints

Oooops I meant 2.5 but in fact you’d get 2.17 because of the esteem fee

So about 40%
With 1000 points I did get this.
About 2usd in upvoted

In that case 1000 points is worth about 1usd.
But....I get Some vote-trails too.
Did get total upvoted for 3usd.

In that case 1000 points is 1.5usd.

I Will calculate with 1usd in future and make it Easy.


You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Vaping is better!

I've never tried vaping it yet, will have to look into it

Been many years since I felt that level of spaced haha.... happy Saturday! !tip

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LOL it’s well worth a try I was pretty zonked I won’t lie but it was a fun ride


Lol try it out and then you tell me how you handled it

Tried it once and i didn't get high but my friend was gone .. she was all laughing and cool..

Lol maybe you have a strong tolerance or you didn’t take the right amount for you!


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