What do #Cannabis and #Federalism have in common? Tonight, the Free E ...

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What do #Cannabis and #Federalism have in common?

Tonight, the Free Enterprise Society, in cooperation with #YAF, will be hosting a talk by Josh Hammer:

"Bluntly Reclaim Federalism to Sustain a Divided Nation"

10/4/21 7:15p CDT

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One day I will have to visit Oklahoma. Is OSU in Tulsa?

OSU is in Stillwater, about 1 hour west of Tulsa, and about 1 hour north of Oklahoma City.

Ah... that must be really nice. I have a friend who graduated there in agriculture. A funny thing is he ended up doing his graduate studies in Ohio State.

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First of all. I think the federalism government started far way from ancient Europe and it's also has a nothing to do with Capitalism in the sense that the Capitalism is focused on and controlled for profit only. But as a government entity whatsoever. @trostparadox

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