Check out my latest video on 3Speak! Talking about #vanlife and making ...

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Check out my latest video on 3Speak! Talking about #vanlife and making income as a #digitalnomad

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The pen was looking good! Wish NY would get with the program and legalize. Good to see you posting on dBUZZ too! Cheers

I had to leave the east side of the US. I am from the southeast originally. Will never live in a non legal state again. I am spoiled at this point, lol.

No doubt, next move for me will be to a legal state for sure. It has to be nice!

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I'm over here in Florida, trying to push for recreational. lol

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I lived in Ft Myers for 10 years and then the Keys for a couple until Irma decided my time in Florida was done. I did get to vote for medical though.

oh im gonna watch but first, tell me will it work in countries where PayPal is not working?

What do you mean? I mean you can always accept crypto anytime anywhere, kinda the point of it.

I haven't watched your video yet what I was trying to say was crypto and Paypal is banned in my country is there any other way to get money though

I wouldn't know then. That's not my specialty. As far as I am concerned, Bitcoin doesn't know borders.

yeah but I can't use bitcoin to buy food here now can I. we have made a small community of 10 to 15 people how a blog on the hive and sell each other tokens and hive that's all

Sounds like you are in a situation that I cannot help you with. Not sure what you are wanting me to tell you.

just sharing man it was nice chatting with you peace ✌️✌️✌️

Nice video @thelogicaldude, this is my 1st time hearing + seeing someone vape #Cannabis 👍

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