I was interviewed tonight on @hivecoffee! Talking bout our love of #hi ...

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I was interviewed tonight on @hivecoffee! Talking bout our love of #hive and the #blockchain world as well as chatting about @hivelist @hivehustlers #weedcash #hivecommerce token and more!


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Going to watch this while I let my hive-witness sync up for the 3rd time. I'll get it to stop breaking eventually. (I just need to stop deleting things.)

Vote for my witness - Stream on Vimm.tv

Haha, yeah I was the first to log a block and the first to miss one, lol. My server had a meltdown so I spun up a new one

good for you man getting interviewed and talking about hive much be interesting I will surely watch that interview.

I think it's very cool that you are doing something with the @hivehustlers project and getting #hivecommerce up and running!

yeah, I think so to im looking forward to COM development in near future!

I hope Hivelist's roadmap for 2021 has been captured. I'll watch it.

me too. I think hivelist and ctp should collaborate

We are in a way with HiveHustlers.

oh, that amazing news

That being said, we are just working together for a common goal.

that awesome working together to reach a common goal is better than doing everything on your own no? that what is called teamwork!

It not really a road map, just a discussion about everything. At this point, the next step is to get Hivebay and HiveFunding finished. Hivelist itself is alive and running, just need to build more community engagement

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