I'm pretty stoked about this. I'll finally be able to get legal weed i ...

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I'm pretty stoked about this. I'll finally be able to get legal weed in my state! I'll probably be posting some pot reviews soon!


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Cool! We always have room for some reviews!

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We all know its because they want the tax revenue to cover their budget deficits. Congratz on being able to buy it legally.

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Absolutely! Said the same thing at the start of this Covid business. Figured they'd need a way to recover all that tax money they lost closing so many businesses.

It’s about time...

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No doubt! Can't wait!

Welcome to civilization, my friend 😁

Thank you! 🤣

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It's about damn time... But knowing New York the taxes will be extremely high.

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13% I suspect their will still be some "private" sellers. Street will probably be cheaper than the dispensary! Hopefully competition will bring prices down eventually.

Join us! We need you smoking and posting to #weedcash, lol.

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Hopefully I'll be doing some weed reviews soon 😆

I like weed