For D.Buzz to replace Twitter, it would need a lot less Rising Star an ...

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For D.Buzz to replace Twitter, it would need a lot less Rising Star and a lot more misleading political statements.

Not saying that should be a goal, just smoking weed and thinking out loud.

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Hi @splatts & @paradoxtma,

@hivewatchers also mentioned this to us via DM and @risingstargame + @dbuzz will address this.

  1. @dbuzz is scheduled to release long-form posts this Tuesday

  2. @risingstargame Buzz's will be moved there, with requirements to add long-form text

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If it was a little more popular, people could kind of just search by tag. Maybe if people really get sick of too much #risingstar content, @dbuzz could make a feature that would allow people to filter out tags they didn't want to see. Hell, maybe that already exists and I'm just dumb. ha.

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  • I didnt think of that.

Great idea @oh-high-mark, I'll add it as a future feature.

P.S. How can we get the @weedcash community to add ??

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I'll add to this: Make this feature very intuitive! A user should use it without noticing that it should be there!

A good design is something that the user never notices. If the user has to think about a feature to use it, it's not intuitive enough~

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If it needs more political misleading statements I'll be fine with it not replacing twitter... Though I agree about the rising star part, and that it needs more of something...

...I'll be selfish and say that something should be #anime & #gaming!

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#Anime and #Gaming 😊

  • What kind of gaming Buzz's?

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Anything. Like the one I'm doing sometimes... Like Vimm streams I see sometimes... Like a screenshot showcase that I haven't seen yet on D.Buzz. Nomal gaming/anime stuff~

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Ah okay 😀

  • Looks like it would help if more streamers onboarded to @vimm 👍

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Rising Star spam is ridiculous and annoying.

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We are going to fix this, target date, within 7 days 😊👍

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Nice!! Way to keep adapting and making #dbuzz better and better. Those other centralized apps didn’t get there over night.
Cheers !BEER

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Hey @chrisrice, here is a little bit of BEER from @splatts for you. Enjoy it!

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