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Good afternoon Pizza lovers and foodies alike, Today I was in the mood for some pizza but not just any kind of pizza and not alone as well.

If you can tell I have some custom sexy pizza some weedsy super High THC will get you baked.. and a new brew a new IPA I haven't seen in a while. Its made here in California its Lizard's Mouth. 9.0% ALC

Look at these sexy looking Photos of my Spoils I think I need another sabbatical say next weekend Yosemite. Mind you I still work and Do doordash.. which is the beauty of what I do. I just need to do it more efficient and earn tons more profits.

I am not a great photo taker but these came out okay. Btw the pizza is Dominos- honey BBQ, pepperoni, bacon, and Italian sausage, regulars cheese and panmade.

Now a picture of just the sexy yummy pizza. So this post does many things I shares my lack of photo skills (at least I try) and I found a beer that I like ... it is really good. IPA haha I know but I like em. and my enjoyment of some herb.

So the brand of for the preroll is weedsy. here is their website.

What are Weedsy Mini Pre-Rolls?

Created for those always on-the-go, Weedsy strives to provide top-quality cannabis in teensy portions for a weensy price. Our premium mini pre-rolls contain 0.5 grams of cannabis, making them the perfect solution for a one-and-done deal (no sharing required!).

Quote from their website.

so I am writing this while I enjoy some of my delights on this wonderful Saturday, taking a break than back at it hustle mode. I did Love this pizza.


I am now able to get Weekly Pizza Divs... that is great news for Utopis.



Ah man, I am getting heart burn just looking at it, lol. Enjoy it now, lol. When you get close to 40, it becomes a bit harder to eat like that. Lol.

I do this once every few months I need it

I hear that. All in moderation

looks great I now want to eat one myself

Ohh it was soooo good.

man you making it hard for me its 5 am here and shops are closed so I'm trying to hold back my urge to eat

This looks very tasty. Now I'm hungry for a pizza.

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Don't forget about the PIZZA LPs!

Man I want some pizza now.

It's 4 a.m. and now I am hungry for pizza 🤣

What is included in the Pizza dividends?

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Mmmmmm pizza and well done for reaching top 10


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