Jerry Is Doing Very Well With Help Of Hemp4Paws & Rescue Remedy - #DailyPetPhotography

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Calm and Collected Jerry Is Nearly Anxiety Free!!!

Long time coming this has been, finally being able to sit in his skin or for that matter sleep during the day with noises around him. Jerry has been a much calmer dog since starting up this second phase of his medications.
I have written about Jerry taking CBD for several months now with very pleasing results yet I still felt he needed some sort of emergency remedy to anxiety. Sometimes with Jerry loud noises will trigger him and even with regular CBD he would struggle to calm down. We have considered giving him an emergency dose of CBD a few times after seeing a positive result the one time we did it. Problem with an emergency dose of his CBD, Hemp 4 Paws, is the outrageous cost! I do not spare a penny on my Fur-Baby but there is a limit to our expenses.

Enter Rescue Remedy, another wonderful natural solution I have used in the past when I was struggling with my own anxiety. This is the second time I have used my own experience with a natural remedy to treat my dog. Very pleased to see this company adopt a pet line of products. Best part is expense being on the cheaper side to give it a try without breaking my wallet. Supports healthy balanced behavior, helps the animals maintain focus, supports calm demeanor, promotes healthy response to external stimulation, helps restore balanced deposition. All from a flower essence? Had I not used it myself in a moment of need and seen how effective it is I would not be trying it on my dog now since he cannot communicate.

Well I can't directly say what it is that he is experiencing but I do know Jerry well enough to read his cues. So much can be read from his body langauge nevermind when he starts to speak up about concerns. Though I never know where he is saying I do know that Jerry on his back like this means he is completely relaxed which is…

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Beautiful Jerry, I'm glad that he feels better and I hope he will get well soon.

He is probably doing the best he can be now ❤️ Thanks for stopping in 👌