Praising the Herb!

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High, folks! :D

Well this is just a pattern from my sleep blanket, which I have for like 13 years and I love it, because it's very warm and cozy.

Since I don't drink any alco~ nor carbonated drinks for the past week (because so)... I decided to prepare a medicinal beverage.




  • high fat milk
  • mixture of ground/ crushed weed leaves (green, pink, purple, yellow)
  • 25 gr butter (optional / recommended)
  • spoons of sugar & pinch of salt
  • cinnamon, turmeric, ginger powder (optional)

I'm slowly coming back to vegetarian nutrition and since not drinking booze I tend to have the sweet tooth and more appetite generally (maybe 'cause I'm high too :))
This bhang is the classic one, without any additional herbs or spices. I put a little bit of butter for the cannabinoids to be captured better in the liquid. You can use non-diary butter and milk too.
I boil it for 2 hours on low heat (just simmering). After that leave it to cool down a bit, strain it and TRY :)

!!! The darker your milks gets, the more careful you need to be when consuming ;)

Last night I've had 4 big gulps, when it was ready...
and believe me I got funny dreams :D I even woke up from one of them, laughing from my heart :D

Right now I'm drinking the rest...
Was wondering if I want to keep the hardened butter in the fridge for cooking some meal with it, because when you refrigerate it the butter comes at the top and contains most of the potency ;)

Cheers! :}

Plants were not very dense, but very special.


So now I'm happy to heal my soul and body with those natural remedies!
There is also something to smoke ~ with different flavors and properties. I rarely mix strains when rolling, but this time it's kind of synergy ;)




Bhang is my go to when I want an edible, and dont have any. So easy to make, and hits even better then an edible since it is a liquid, cheers!

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it is true! ;)

I need to try that BHANG! :)
You certainly produced some very special cannabis, it shows :)
Great post, thanks for sharing this recipe and awesome photos!

My pleasure, dear friend! :)
Thanks for your support! ;)