New chapters of reality and alternation of consciousness...

in Abundance Tribe4 months ago (edited)

Inspired exactly that track I'm starting to create this very post :)

fine tuned intuition...

my 3rd eye got this sight (dragon's eye) :)
praise to the artist! @nineclaws

what's going on?!

Actually I just tested some weed tops to make sure they're not so wild in nature :D

Time for action!

yeah, long time missing enough inspiration to create some art/ sounds or whatever?!
i do not feel good as just of a consumer of internet stuff! :)

waters are moving, energy is flowing...

Unite & dance to heal our souls!


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Thank you for the mention @trayan, happy to inspire others, since I'm inspired by others here. Always good to keep that circle going.

True! Thank you too! :)

You're welcome!

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