high vibes

in Abundance Tribe3 months ago (edited)

Let me share the music I'm listening right now:

It is not the first time hearing this one...

Tryptology - High Vibes Music Mix - Psydub Ethnic Chill Out World Tribal Psychill Dub Entheogenic

The mix is mostly PSY DUB chill sound + some trippy beats and nice ethnic taste to it, so enjoy! ;)

Really needed to share my current state of being ;)
it's just the feeling...
providing inner peace & freedom into your own world...making it available to feel once more and for all... that the world is ONE.
There are just different aspects of it...

Just smoked a slim joint from some gifted bud out of a friend's back pocket, where it was totally smashed...because he's 150 kg's :) and the thing smells and tastes like hash now :D :D
I'm also enjoying some local beer :)

& Chillin'


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