Бalkannabis flashback

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greetings ppl! ;)

More than 3 and a half years ago...
I was in Athens, Greece as usual like every Christmas

That time after it was in January 2018,
when the Greek government officially approved medical cannabis!
& thc ;)


Even before that, there were always a lot of smart/ head/ seed/ hemp/ grow shops around...
Last time I bought a bag of Salvia #Divinorum leaves to have some short trips and share with friends too...
...and some seeds of Critical Auto! ;)






By the time an official BALKANNABIS EXPO was also organized,
to welcome all the foreign investors in the sector.

The actual event was in a big olympic hall with a big athmosphere...



There were 3 or 4 more editions of the event and two of them were in Thessaloniki.
Of course because of FUNdemic there are no more (official) events...
I believe it is good they accepted some foreign investors and companies to support the economy.
They even grow in Macedonia and southern Bulgaria.



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I remember when I smoked Salvia. OMG i was not expected to be taken to a different dimension, and what felt like hours, was only 2 min! Then to top it off it was at a complete strangers house. I felt so uncomfortable, and mad. That stuff is for the Shaman.

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Yeah man, needs to be carefully approached :)
I had a period when I smoked regularly...2006-2007
so i gave my fullest and cleanest intentions when doing it at home... alone... sometimes with meditation & music... (very rarely with other people and places, because i noticed the discomfort)
i can say it could be trained (the feeling) then you make breaktrough every time with just a hit of some leaf :)
and damn those 5x 10x extracts are insane... honestly i'm afraid :) wondering how some kids go for the 20x and even 60x (i don't even believe that such one exists... but they sell it)
and I can understand why they made it illegal in most countries... years after that...

one thing i learned generally from those experiences is the deja~vu moment...and the teleportation alike situations... i mean... you see it in a trip... and bam the next moment or the next day it happens :)
i repeatedly seen myself around my birth house... in the trips... and after that period i decided to move there and here i am since then :)
strange to explain but you sense unusual information out there (in the spiritual dimensions) :D

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