Happy Thanksgiving from The Dude! Hivelist Updates and New Project Announcements and More

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Had some down time so I wanted to shoot a video for my lovely community talking some Hivelist updates and announcements. I also make a new project announcement as well as talk about my plans for future content creation.

Cool announcement for the Weedcash and Hivelist store coming soon!


Should I keep my music content separate on the @groove-logic account, or should I incorporate my nomadic, portable dj stuff in with my content here on thelogicaldude account??? Your thoughts... Watch the video for further explanation and more stuffs...

Happy thanksgiving to all my US folks!!!

Be cool, be real, and abide!

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That's lot of things going on! Keep thriving!
Hope HivePay can contribute positively to your developments, as well as CTP!
As someone with a degree in Radiology and a Spa Therapist is always good to see things in the health/medical area so looking forward to seeing that project!
I personally already have a handful just with one account can't imagine with two or three ahaha but I'll make sure to follow all of them so I can check on you more often!

Happy Thanksgiving from the other side of the pond ;)


Thanks for the kind feedback! Yeah it's allot to juggle, but I feel like it will all be worth it in the end.

Happy Thanksgiving to you my Highness!
Keep up with the good work Dude!

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Will look forward for the community store.

I know it's a highly recommended feature and will look forward to get it all up and running!

Sure, Wish you all the luck.
Just for little update, I staked 5000 LIST now.

Awesome! I will be doing the LIST update tomorrow!