Smoke with me !!! Dap up 😌

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Love advice on how to get a better hit, more potent, and better tasting!

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Hey, welcome to 3Speak and HIVE. I see that you are brand new. Leave a reply if you need help or have any doubts.

I'm not experienced in Cannabis, but all the things you showed in the video seem very cool I'm going to be following you.

I'm delegating some Hive tokens to you so you can browse the chain without problems. I recommend Cheers.

Welcome to Hive! Stoked this is legit. Cool video, also check out Weedcash, it is the cannabis front end, same key as Hive :)

Nice vid!

Welcome to hive and well cause you used cannabis tag weedcash, Weedcash is a great front end for hive but cannabis.

Great video, I always love doing dabs

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YO welcome!

Nice video.. welcome to Weedcash...

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smile video and nice to see you, i can not understand your language but nice to see you nice, thank