The new cacti..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm showing off the new cacti we bought.. 3 of them 2 are of the Prickly Pear variety... 1 is called a Chollo.. I'll say this about cactus... for shit that grows all over the dessert these m'fers were expensive.. 3 cacti... $182.. also another announcement inside thanks to @geneeverett for getting me back in the mood..

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Crazy cacti!

Here's two photos you might enjoy sent from a bro of mine:

weed 01.jpg

weed 02.jpg

That's a funny looking cactus..

Prickly Pear...
Yeah, why are they so expensive?!!!

Age. One is 50 years old the other is 75.

WOW!!! I'll be looking for one!

Nice! I’ll be jumping in for both brother🤟
Nice looking Cacti 🌵

I'll put the MNF game up in that case..

Hell ya love the cacti.

Also nice to see the homestead coming together. I remember the first tour of the place and it has come such a long way. Wonder if solar can support a hot tub.

Not my solar

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