What's Your Favourite Stoner Song - #1 Mendo Dope Why We Grow

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As always a goal of mine is to get involved in more communities here on #hive. I love music I mean who really doesn't right?

So with this post, I thought I would start a series similar to the one I was doing on Cinetv about favourite stoner movies.

let's start by saying there are so many stoner songs to talk about I just know we can get lots of posts and discussions about them.

My first and favourite has got to be Why we Grow By Mendo Dope

I know what you are likely thinking, This is not what most people would have thought when I said stoner song. But what other thing is better than a song with a super great beat that's nice and mellow.

I am a huge fan of mendo dope, I love how the lyrics are all about cannabis and growing. They sing about truth and we don't find that very often is music nowadays.

I would love to hear more about some of your favourite stoner songs, Let's get the engagement up and interaction between 2 great communities like Weedcash & Musicforlife

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