My buds are getting fat

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I went in and checked on the bubble gum that is nearing harvest time and it is getting super fat. I have been testing out ways to fatten up my buds and cut a bunch of the branches off a few days ago when I wanted to get some of the milky trichomes.


Photo by me

At first, I cut off like 4 branches and after I dried them and trimmed the buds, it was just a bit over 28 grams. They need to dry a bit more before I cure them, so when they are done, I am sure they will lose a bit more weight, but just under an ounce of buds that I harvest for testing purposes is pretty good in my opinion.


Photo by me

When I went in to get some pictures of the trichomes tonight, I was expecting to have a lot more amber colored trichomes, but when I looked at the pictures, it was just a ton of milky trichomes. The buds have way more trichomes now than they did before, which is good because they will continue to fatten up while I wait for the CBN rich amber trichomes.


Photo by me

Since these buds have done so awesome fattening up with less branches, I cut a bunch of branches off the plants that have just started flowering. I have one plant with like 5 branches total and the others have around 8. One of them is already making some fat little buds, so I am excited to see how well this one does over the next few weeks.


Photo by me

This is the main cola of my bubble gum. It is doing a lot better than it was a couple weeks ago before I transplanted it to the bigger pot. None of the other plants are showing any sort of deficiency or health problems because I was able to get them transplanted earlier, which is good because they should produce some super fat buds.

I think some time in the next week, this lady will be ready for harvest. I am thinking I will get around 2 more ounces from the plant by the time it is done.

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Those pics are so nice, your buds look like mountains that got there first snowfall

Thanks man. I am happy they are filling in.


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Those are some impressive buds!

Thank you. I can't wait until this plant is finished so I can see the final product.

which tree is this ? planted indoors ?

It is cannabis and yes I planted it indoors.

It's legal there ?

nice bud 💪

Thanks homie.

3 ounces?! That seems like a lot, right? I thought you got less off your other plant? It seems you've got this down to a science pretty well! The plant looks great and you're getting quite the harvest!

3 ounces would be the most that I have gotten, but I am sure once I keep learning more tricks and find out how to increase yields, I should get more than that.

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Good macro, looking yummy =)