"99 % of cyptocurrencies is useless", which is promising for Hive

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I have heard it a thousand times

Even true cypto-believers say it, 99 % of cryptocurrencies are useless, and have no value. I have another opinion about that, but that's besides the point. Fact is that a whole lot of the coins that are listed on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap are useless, a scam, worthless, or just a plain copy of another coin. And to that I agree. Projects like Tron, which is essentially a rip-off of the Ethereum network. Or dozens of stable coins, which are in my opinion useless, will eventually disappear and go extinct. Dogecoin might stay, just for the fun of it. But the big question is, is Hive going to stay? And why?


Added value

What could be the added value of Hive amongst all these cryptocurrencies, by now, there must be millions. In my opinion, there is loads of added value. There is the social network aspect, second, there is the aspect of earning with your brain. By posting, you can earn money, and the better thought out your posts, the more money you make. At least, that is the intention of the platform. And then there is the fact that holding the coin brings you and extra income too, by inflation and by curating. These are aspects that I don't find in any other project, except for Steem. But we all know why we came here in stead of Steem.

So is Hive going to survive? Yes, and it is going to thrive, without a shadow of a doubt!


Especially with all the communities that are out there, there is a place for every niche on here, and there is enough bandwith to take it all on!
Weedcash, Sportstalk, ClickTrackProfit, Palnet, Lassecash, Upfundme, Archon, Creativecoin, Lifestyle, Stem, ... Keep on bringing them, they will all attract new users, and make this platform grow steadily!




@pele23 hive have great communities that surrounds it and makes it have value,the future is really bright for "hive"....good post from you sir...

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I believe that the new user stream will be large when the platform implements microblogging. It is nice to be part of a community that has a verifiable and promising value to it. Great post!

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Flesh and blood can't reveal this to you, but it's an inspiration from a true spirit.

I mostly think of this most times, but the so many engagements of user's interest in hive is what always give me the assurance that hive will remain a responsive Cryptocurrency ground.
Good reasoning bro.