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What's going on hive? I guess I have not done or of these in quite a long time and likely never have on #hive.

Well, to start I will introduce myself, @skylinebuds is my main account. If you follow me on the main account you will know I am an avid #cannabis grower and smoker. I am quite active in the hive cannabis and #weedcash space.

I have been in and around the hive ecosystem since the stem days but was always part of the small cannabis community and it was hard for users to gain much traction till @canna-curate started up by @jonyoudyer and a couple of others. Than we can move on to the start of weedcash that allowed us to gain a bit more traction in the hive ecosystem.

But enough about that let's talk about why @gardenhive was created, When I search hive I find many many great communities that have to do with farming and gardening but what I never was able to find was a community for gardening and growing fruits and veggies. I thought it might be worth trying to start up a community just for us growers, I am talking growers of fruits, vegetables, cannabis, mushrooms and maybe even some edible flowers.

I am by no means an expert at growing, hell I still think I don't know much at all compared to most others. What I do want is to learn from more and more people and see the many different ways people grow food around the world. What's the best way to get to know this but starting a community that we all can learn from each other.

I must say I was not going to make one of these but after @fionasfavourites stopped by the post about the first garden contest.

Please check it out if you have time

and left a comment about making one I thought it was a great idea to maybe get some other people to see this community. This is going to be the curation account for the hivegarden community. So if you are interested please come on over check out the new up-and-coming gardening community.

The hivegarden community will have some other members that will be helping to hopefully make this a thriving gardening community,

@derangedvisions @jonyoudyer @fracasgrimm

with that, I am hoping to see you posting your gardening post over in the hivegarden community.


I think this is a fabulous niche. I am sure that there are folk from @naturalmedicine that will find a home here. I am tagging a few people who, like me, grow their own vegetables, starting with @plantstoplanks who, I know is enjoying some of the fruits of her labours, @buckaroobaby,@simplymike,and there are others my morning brain can't think of before coffee. I will return and update!

Good luck with this!

Thanks for the tag, @fionasfavourites - Glad I checked my mentions for once. 🤣

I really should get back to writing about the garden.... the weather has finally become nice again, and the veggies are doing good. It would be the perfect time to get back to it. If only I could concentrate a bit longer than 5 minutes. I guess it'll happen at one point, when I'm ready for it.

Meanwhile, let me tag a few fellow gardeners that might be interested

@enjar @gertu @porters @proto26 @sirenahippie @fotostef @nikv @artemislives @sayee

Oh, I am so glad I tagged you! I did think twice because I know you're not always around!

So glad your garden is doing well - I miss your posts - and still promise to do mine lol.

Anyhow, hope you're doing as well as your garden!

I made a deal with myself to at least start checking my notifications on peakd again, to get back on chain a bit more often. I can use the distraction, and maybe it will get me back into the flow of writing about the garden a little every now and then. Also, I kinda miss the interaction with my fellow gardeners.

As it happens, this was the first day I actually did check my notifications. There's no such thing as coincidence 🤣


Heey, thank you very much @simplymike for having named me here, this idea is super excellent! Yupiiii

😉 I was pretty sure you would like it

And now I, in turn, thank you for the tag. I would not have heard about this otherwise, and just in time for a garden update! Glad you're back even if it's just intermittently for now.

Without @fionasfavourites I wouldn't have found it myself.
Like I told her, it was a strange coincidence that I decided just yesterday to start catching up with what was happening on chain again when I could, and then found this one.

I thought you'd like it 😉

Sounds like synchronicity!


Thanks a lot, Mike. I would love to be a part of this.

I knew you would, @sayee 😉

You should :)

I know I should, but atm I have the concentration span of a 5 year old.
And I know I don't have to write a post that has +2000 words in it, but I don't really know how to do a short post that is meaningful at the same time 🤣
Need to find that balance between spending a week on a post, and just throwing something out just for the sake of getting a post out.

Getting back on chain was the first step - which I have taken now. I hope I can keep it up, and that writing will follow automatically

Thank you as well, I was actually shocked hive didn't have a garden community. Hope to see some post from you, but life is busy some times

I should have created one ages ago, but I think that by the time it crossed my mind, I was so burned out that I never got to it.

I'm really happy someone finally did. Thanks a lot for that!!

This is the second day I'm spending some time on chain again in weeks, maybe even months, and for the first time since riverflows told me she would be taking over the Garden Journal Challenge, I'm actually excited about something that is happening on Hive. 😄

Hi @simplymike, thanks for tagging me. I just read this message. appreciate you seeing me.
I will be very happy to see your return. I actually have not been here for several weeks. But I am looking forward to seeing your garden again.

Thanks. 💜🌼
I'm trying, but so far, no luck.
Every time I visit the greenhouse, I think: This is so beautiful, I should take pics and make a post, but I have been feeling so awful this week that I didn't get to it yet.
Maybe next week will be better and I can get something out, but I can't say yet.

I really hope your health improves and you can return to your beloved contest. God bless you.

I might be moving my monthly garden update post to this community. Seems like it be more fitting.

I rather like this community - seems like one I'd be happy following and posting in. When I eventually get my garden post(s) together!


Awesome thank you, I am hoping we can work with the other communities as that's what hive is all about.

And I am also calling over @thebigsweed and @farm-mom who grow their own food. As does @nateonsteemit

I am quite belated in replying, but happy to see more support for gardening on Hive! And of course I would love to see @simplymike posting on occasion again, too. No pressure. 😜

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Now I feel like how @fionasfavourites must have felt all the time when I kept tagging her in the challenge... no pressure 🤣😜

Haha! Well just take it that you are loved and missed in the garden community. 😜

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Yip, no pressure! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

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I found a couple more people who might be interested in knowing there's a garden community now.

@zekepickleman @allyson19 @pastoragus @gingbabida @abitcoinskeptic @viking-ventures @nikolina @astrizak @creativetruth @fmbs25 @nelinoeva @kindredacres

Sorry for the tag, guys, but I think you might find this interesting enough to do a shout out 😉

Thank you for the shout out @simplymike I am glad you remember me being one of your participants in the Garden Journal challenge. The hash tag gardenjournal is always on my Garden related posts and that will never change. I will have a look at this new community thank you once again and nice to hear from you


Thank you! I've been a bit slow this season, but I'm still busy!


Thank you for tagging me. I was a bit away from my little garden, but I hope to be back.

I hope you can get back to it 😊

Thank you for remembering to mention me! It is a great initiative! :)

It is indeed 😊

Oh hell yah! Weekly garden posts documenting my follies trying to grow stuff!


Booting up a garden update now!


At Hive we needed a community like this, where we could meet and learn from each other. Every day urban agriculture becomes more important, (well, it is what I perceive), and we need to have a space to share our concerns, doubts, problems and victories, in this way it will become an ideal community to consult on many crops. I join this community, I am very happy, really. I invite @fanyokami and @eugelys to join this beautiful space.

I agree, it will be or would be nice to find posts about the things others can grow in urban spaces. I see a lot of small-space gardens on hive so it would be great to get them in a community so others can find easy.

Awesome initiative, @skylinebuds

There are quite a lot of people growing fruits and veggies and flowers here on Hive - I met a lot of them when I was still doing my monthly Garden journal challenge. I had to stop hosting the challenge last September or October due to personal reasons, but the lovely @riverflows decided to keep it alive and took over. (For which I'm eternally grateful - after hosting the challenge for 2 years, it was hard to let go of what I considered to be my baby.)

I'm pretty sure a lot of them will find their way here.

I never got to it to create an actual community, but I'm excited someone finally did.

I'll do my best to get something out every once in a while, but writing is a challenge for me these days. I'll be following up, though.

First, thank you for stopping by, That sucks to hear you had to stop posting but it happens for sure.

I have seen the challenge and it is a great one, I can only hope we can work together on something soon.

I can't wait and I hope to see something from you soon😀


I hope my health will allow me to get back into it, but I'm living one day at a time atm.

I will be following up, though. I've just added the community homepage to the pages that automatically open when I open my browser, so I will remember to check on it when I feel good enough to do so. 😁

I think it’s a great idea! It will fuse are great friends and supporters who do not grow cannabis together again. I fell it is something that kind of put a wedge in the community, since I have been so laser focused on strictly cannabis content. Also promoting Hive as one is what it is all about!

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Agreed, I think we all can grow together, I hope we can bring a growing community from all around the world and different ways to grow.

You got it right, haven't seen one and there should be one since some communities are very strict about their specific types of content.

Yes some of them are, Or they are farming and plants and makes it harder to find the content you want

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It will be good to have a garden community that focuses on food gardening! Tying it into the cannabis gardening and natural medicine gardening is also a good idea!

Thanks for creating the community. I would love to join it.

Thank you joining

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Keep gardening! Good job

I was looking for such kind of community as I am little bit related to growing vegetables in my rooftop and contributing some vegetables at my yard of village home which I can easily share here. Thanks for the initiation of the community and hopefully I will be the part of that community and will be happy to be with the community. Well wish for the community and thank you very much

YAY for another fabulous budding community ;) @gardenhive! And thanks for the mention @fionasfavourites! Looking forward to seeing new and old familiars in the global gardens