My Appreciation for The Man Cave Community - Purchased 65 Brocoin

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When I was first referred to the #mancave community, I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about being a part of a masculine empowerment group. This was mostly due to social conditioning about how men are a privileged gender, so at first the idea came off as a little chauvinistic considering this. After much thought and a few recent experiences however, I have realized that a group like this is essential for males that live with honor and respect, and unless you are yourself this kind of human male, it may be hard for you to understand the trials and adversity that we experience exclusively.

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Neither I nor the #mancave / #menofcrypto community are attempting to belittle the adversity that any other gender class or ethnicity faces. I (we) realize that women and transgender people face a whole different set of gender specific and lifestyle specific issues that are also difficult challenges. I feel that the notion from some would be asking why we (as men) have anything to complain about being the so called "dominant" gender - strictly stereotypically speaking of course. The reality is that we do face an immense amount of pressure from so many sources during our lives here as men of Earth, and many of the challenges we face are very hard to work through without the support of other like minded gentlemen brothers.

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When I speak of gentlemen, I am referring to the most universally understood verison of the word which is defined as - 1. A chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man. 2. A polite or formal way of referring to a man (source). My use of this word is not intended to be construed as a nobleman of English royalty. For your reference - my use of the word gentlemen will always be the way I refer to my most respected bredren in this world. It is a means of showing respect for men who live with honor and truth.

I can speak from personal experience on this. There are many different examples that I could give, but for this publication I will tell the tale of one of the most recent ones I encountered.


When I was cheated on by my partner of almost seven years who I was about to propose to at the end of last summer (after also being cheated on by every other "exclusive" romantic partner in my adult life), I was thrown into the worst and longest bought of depression, low self esteem, anger, and resentment that I have ever experienced - the last year has certainly been the worst year of my life emotionally and mentally speaking. I spoke with a countless number of individuals both male and female who tried to offer support and advise, and while I very much appreciated them trying to help - they just did not quite understand what I needed (to no fault of their own).

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Even some of the like minded gentlemen who are my close friends did not really get it. It was only when I started speaking with certain brothers on Hive and from my distant past did I finally receive the empathy that was required. What I needed was brothers who truly understood my feelings and knew how to help me actually grow from this. Men like me are typically tricky to mend once broken - its kind of like nursing a plant back to health that is sick and already difficult to grow when healthy... you really have to have the first hand experience of the EXACT same scenarios to help heal and remedy gentlemen coming out of serious trauma.

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Many conscious style anarchist events also still hold mens/womens circles to this day to promote/encourage gender empowerment. It all goes back to a lot of tribal practices way back when. BTW - I totally 100% support a female (or any other gender identity) specific Hive community for empowerment as well. I am sure that in time, the right goddess will step forward to provide similar support for women that we are now experiencing with men here.


I know that I am in a very different time zone than many of the gentlemen in the #mancave community, so sometimes connecting on Discord can be a challenge for us. After reading through some of the deep relationship oriented conversations that were taking place on the Mancave community Discord server however, I knew I had found the support system that was required for me to get through this. I also realized that I have found a perfect community to display some of my projects to an audience that should thoroughly appreciate the multiplicity of various project types I manifest and provide education for here on the Hive blockchain.


Please check my Hive intro post here to read more about the projects I pursue, and who I am as a gentleman in general.

I really see a need for and appreciate a men empowerment group because there are a lot of things that happen to us men that are hard to deal with, and sometimes we end up internalize too much if there is not a suitable outlet (which is hard to come by for men believe it or not). It is important that we have this outlet to speak about things we may not to other men (or women) in person - and sometimes another man's perspective is required. I enjoy having this support here - so thank you @raymondspeaks for it's inception.

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There are a grip of reasons why Brocoin is a good investment and rewards opportunity (read this for all the technical details OR click here to purchase Brocoin on Hive-Engine), but for me personally, I enjoy supporting projects that I believe in, have selfless hardworking leaders, and posses an intelligently designed community structure that is beneficial to the evolution of mankind and/or our Earth mother Gaia. That is why I have just purchased 65 Brocoins (#mancave), 10 ECO (#ecotrain), and have an open order for a buttload of Lotus (#naturalmedicine) as well. I will certainly also be purchasing more of each as these projects continue to develop.

Just remember one thing bredren - we are here for each other. Is that not why we are here? Stay blessed bros. We got this!


Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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I am SO HAPPY to see the #mancave #bro "thing" on Hive. Men need so much more permission - to be released from being rescuers and ATMs and all things to all people. We all need voices and places to be fully ourselves. When more men knit and embroider on their commute to work on a public train, and as many men stay at home in their yoga pants full time with their toddlers as women go to the corporate office, we can talk some more. Until then, more power to the mancave. Have fun. x

Thank you so much for referring me to the #mancave community @artemislives. I cannot tell you how bad I needed this support system. Its funny how you sometimes don't realize what you need until it is provided. Endless gratitude for thinking of me with this. You should totally start a woman's empowerment community as well - I would certainly support it in any way I could.

To me a man cave represents an escape. Where a guy can just be a guy and may have some alone time. Which all these things are essential to everyone. I’m all for a woman cave as well! In fact I hope every man that has a woman in their lives, weather it’s a mom, sister, or wife, to make sure you give her the woman cave as much as possible.

Indeed, I feel that this will certainly fill a gap that has been missing for some time in my life. While I spend almost every moment with Ginger, I do not really have a man cave or her a womancave, so its nice to at least have the space virtually. I will have a physical one at some point after owning my own land/home - patience and persistence.

Reading these posts man.. they are shedding a tear to my eye :) lovely. This is what we're all about. Absolutely zero divisiveness. Our group is 100% empowerment :)

I love every aspect of it and this group certainly has the right person with a good heart in charge. Thank you again for providing this much needed space for all us gentlemen that take the heavy hits but somehow still manifest spectacular creations.