Exciting Edenbuxx Updates!

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Recently, we at #Edenbuxx applied for a sponsporship from #Brofund to build a hive-engine tribe front end work around. Ray from Brofund granted our sponsorship and @ecoinstant has begun the process of coding our project. There is no eta yet. What the project will specifically is bot code that you can call with a comment like "Eden!" that will call the @ecosaint vote.

There will be parameters for calling the @ecosaint vote and it will probably be based on #edenbuxx stake. Obviously there will be a per day limit on voting. This will be an excellent "tribe" work around and then we will have more money to power up and vote on your posts with! For those of you that don't know, tribes are insanely expensive.
In the meantime, The Edenbuxx team is bulking up the voting account! We can vote for you manually while we wait for the automated bot to be finished! Our dream for Edenbuxx is to be a tribe work around, but also to be a strong multi tribe voting account. We have begun to bulk up the account.
First of all, @ecoinstant has generously donated 682 Hive and powered it up into the @ecosaint account. The #edenbuxx dev. team is working on different ways in general to make Hive and power it up. We also collect Hive daily from holding BRO tokens. That means everyday the @ecosaint vote will get bigger.

{Micro payouts to @ecosaint from holding BRO tokens.}

The #edenbuxx team in general is boosting @ecosaint's token holdings {to vote for you, dear reader}. @a1-shroom-spores is sending over 11 Weed miners and a sizeable #lotus token delegation. {Edenbuxx is cannabis friendly; we will support weedcash posts. Lotus is a natural medicine tribe front end}.



We have begun to earn LEO tokens through @ecosaint and stake them. Of course, #gardening content can go hand and hand with finance. You could be starting a farm with a personal loan, or selling produce at a local market. The sky is the limit with dual edenbuxx/leofinance posts. Of course if the post isn't financially related we will not vote for you with LEO. Let's keep it on topic. 🙂

We will continue to earn/buy Hive engine tokens, as well as Hive tokens. We have also listed a portion of our BRO for sale above market value. If we sell all the tokens we will have over 6K Hive to power up. We also earn 1 Hive per day from Micro payouts. The account grows everyday!

How to earn votes from @ecosaint? Post gardening content HERE! - - > https://peakd.com/c/hive-114674/created


That sounds really cool! I'm trying to collect as many tokens as I can, so having more tribes that support cannabis is great for me. Best of luck to you all!

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Thank you! Buying Edenbuxx on Hive engine powers up the voting account!

Was there an Airdrop for these badboys?

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There was a tiny airdrop to some known gardening bloggers, but we are aiming for a 'eco-brofund' asset backed project, so buy with confidence that there are no large oustanding piles of these tokens.