Edenbuxx Tribe - Worm Contest!

Edenbuxx team here!
Time for another contest! Last week we build structures in our garden: This week we are going to build up our soil! Grab the shovel. We are going to dig up some worms! Want to get paid to find worms WHAT?!


You heard me right. Get PAID to find worms and bring them into your garden. Then the worms will shit out WORM CASTINGS into your soil. This is literally shit that is worth its weight in gold. It's a 360 win for everyone involved. $$$$$$$$$$$ {google "worm castings"}.

Every worm you find OUTSIDE of your garden will earn you 5 EDENBUXX tokens into your hive engine account.

What the heck is #EDENBUXX? It's a general gardening tribe that is about to launch on the hive chain! @taintedblood @ecoinstant and I are launching this tribe in the next week or two. We also have an e-commerce site linked to @roomservice 's new wordpress plug in.


I found 9 worms under the patato sacks I placed on the ground to create a pathway through part of the yard. 9 x 5 = 45. So this post would receive 45 Edenbuxx. POST A PICTURE OF YOUR WORMS DOWN BELOW IN A COMMENT TO ENTER. Upvote a few other people's entries and also re-blog this post and upvote it to enter!



Very short on time @a1-shroom-spores, but dropping by your post, after our engagement in the Man Cave. I have heard of Edenbuxx from the comments of @ecoinstant, but haven't had time to learn more about it.

We (my beloved and I) are involved in "Back to Eden" gardening, so we have a worm bin in our basement. A Hungry Bin from New Zealand. They are amazing creatures! 👍

@roleerob post the worm bin when you have time and ill give you some tokens. 👍


My sample entry - 9 worms.

A worm bin is gonna be a huge priority starting next spring..

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Worm bins are great!

I should be making more worm castings im too lazy.

The edenbuxx tribe will be launched by then so make sure to post the worm bin there! {And to weedcash obviously.}

Sweet! I don't fish or I would.

Right on!!!

It is for the garden silly.