Vlad's Resume

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A certain company asked for my resume a few days ago. So I started digging up my past to see if I could explain what I am professionally.

I couldn't XD but I could gather some interesting random facts about myself while trying. So I want to which one of those facts should be on my Resume ? And to start this randomness flood, here it goes a picture of myself at the time I worked with AMBEV as a Beer Salesman.

Funny right? I did a lot of random things in my life. Such as

1) I studied on a Military School and I was fat only son

2) I went to the federal college to study civil engineering

3) I was arrested twice... for skateboarding

4) The City Mayor gave me a skateboard

(Unsupported https://odysee.com/$/embed/cityhall/a1e7cd40e059d71c2526f934a2ae0edd6f8508c2?r=CQLbxGQqZTHjhWFNW2rYT3R8sxXY5nDV)

(Unsupported https://odysee.com/$/embed/sleep/5eea68315e4e952f349d07538e9b79eefd5e5730?r=CQLbxGQqZTHjhWFNW2rYT3R8sxXY5nDV)

(Unsupported https://odysee.com/$/embed/graffiti/525c81acc400fe53ab94fdf379c2a6479eefbf95?r=CQLbxGQqZTHjhWFNW2rYT3R8sxXY5nDV)


Just show them this post. Great stuff 🤣

Everything hahahahaha! Vlad can fly in many ways, always high haha!

One of the best posts I've seen all week bro! I'd definitely hire you!

just saw that I forgot to do the embeds ...